Should You Build or Buy Your Gaming PC?

When you’re looking for a new gaming PC, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is whether to build or buy your new computer. Here are the pros and cons of each to make your choice easier.      Building Your PC Pros: When you build your own PC, it’s completely customizable, meaning that your new computer has exactly [...]

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A Look into What’s to Come…

Something new is about to launch, many have asked and now your wait is almost over. Want a hit? It’s like candy for your _____________. How To Enter: Fill in the blank by posting your guess on Twitter or Facebook. Along with your guess, you have to tag us (@DasKeyboard) and use the hashtag #MechanicalKeyboard. The winner will receive the secret item and [...]

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4 Things You Should Consider When Designing Your Battlestation

If you’re designing your perfect gaming set-up, there’s more you need to consider than just choosing the best hardware. Environmental factors will affect both your comfort and your performance, so don’t forget to plan for these issues:   1. Ergonomics No matter how cool it looks, spending hours at an uncomfortable battlestation can lead to annoying aches and hurt your [...]

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