4 Things You Should Consider When Designing Your Battlestation

If you’re designing your perfect gaming set-up, there’s more you need to consider than just choosing the best hardware. Environmental factors will affect both your comfort and your performance, so don’t forget to plan for these issues:   1. Ergonomics No matter how cool it looks, spending hours at an uncomfortable battlestation can lead to annoying aches and hurt your [...]

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Gaming Together for Stronger Relationships

  Teamwork, time together, communication: these are just a few things gaming with your significant other can bring to your relationship. Just ask these real-life gamer couples who weigh-in on whether or not gaming has a positive effect on their relationships. Jessica and Josh Jessica and Josh Sands have been together for almost five and a half years, and video [...]

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Introducing the New Das Keyboard 4C Compact Mechanical Keyboard

  Same incredible craftsmanship packed into a smaller, more compact, tenkeyless keyboard. Some of the features include: Sleek compact tenkeyless design, 87-key (US); 88-key (Europe) Anodized aluminum top panel for improved durability Mechanical key switches with gold-plated contacts, lasting up to 50 million keystrokes UV hard coat-protected key cap inscriptions for extra-long durability Full n-key rollover for a faster and [...]

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