Custom Keycaps: What They Are & Where to Find Them

Mechanical keyboards are popular for many reasons, like their long-lasting durability or their effect on productivity. And another reason people love them is because they can be easy to customize. Where you can’t usually choose anything other than a color or shape with mainstream keyboards, a lot of enthusiasts will either build a mechanical keyboard from the ground up, or [...]

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How to Clean Your Keyboard: DON’T Use the Dishwasher!

When your computer keyboard is starting to get some sticky buildup, or a few of the keys are squeaking every time you press them, it’s time for a good cleaning. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your keyboard helps ensure you’ll be able to use it longer. This is especially important if you own a mechanical keyboard, because dirt and grime [...]

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How Video Games Strengthen Families

For years, researchers have been railing on the destructive nature of video games. To them, all these games are capable of doing is creating violent players who carry out their aggression on real-world victims. But the fact of the matter is that these researchers weren’t looking at all the angles. Other professionals have argued that there’s more to video games [...]

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