Tips and Tricks from the Das Keyboard Team

Every week we – the Das Keyboard team – meet to share projects and new product updates. We also exchange information about what’s cool, trendy or badass. This can be anything, like a keyboard shortcut that saves us time, a new service that boosts productivity, or an awesome video game that is fun to play. Here are the tips for [...]

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Tips & Tricks: Holiday Season Lifehack Edition

The holidays are right around the corner and with the hectic shopping season, meal preparation, and celebrations that will be taking place, we have a few tips and lifehacks that you may want to consider as you prepare for winter.   1. Want to avoid the cold and boredom during holiday seasons? If so, your family should consider traveling to somewhere much warmer. Cancun, Mexico is [...]

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The State & the Future of Mechanical Key Switches

What Is the Object We Touch the Most? A Keyboard Over the past 10 years, mechanical keyboards have become very popular. The reason for this success is very simple: as computers become our primary work and social connection interface people use a keyboard several hours a day and many more than 8h a day. People have realized that typing skills and typing experience affects their [...]

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