Defending Against Ransomware

Ransomware is making the news on a regular basis (and gradually turning into an information security meme) due to its increasing popularity among internet criminals. Infections on mission critical machines can bring down important infrastructure, cripple companies, and cause chaos. We’ll take a look at how ransomware works and what it can mean for different users. Finally, we’ll discuss ways [...]

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Das Keyboard 5Q Kickstarter May Update

Hello Kickstarter backers, May has been an eventful month for us as we progress forward. Here are the highlights of this month’s update: FCC compliance is looking good Q knob and encoder has been updated Dedicating the macro keys to media keys Expecting a Pilot build in June & production in July Q Desktop beta 2 and Q Android beta [...]

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Das Keyboard: Gear for Overachievers

Das Keyboard is known as a creator and innovator in the keyboard market. Our recent releases set a new high water mark in those efforts. The Das Keyboard 5Q, 4 Professional, and Prime 13 embody our team’s rigorous quest for professional perfection. Describing and defining our product line is challenging because it offers value to so many people in every [...]

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