3 Ways to Fit More Gaming Into Your Day

At Das Keyboard, we’re always searching for ways to fit more into our life. From designing gear for overachievers to producing accessories for computer gaming enthusiasts, we’re obsessed with getting more done and having more fun.

So today we’ve compiled a list of five ways to fit more gaming into your busy day:

1.  Be more productive.

The fact is, you need to earn your free time. And the best way to do that is to be as productive as possible during your working hours. Set goals for each day and track how you spend your time, then adjust accordingly. When it’s time to work, actually work. And when it’s time to play – get to gaming.

2.  Game at weird times.

Gamers are notorious for staying up all night trying to level up or get more coin. But evenings are not the only free time available. Try gaming as a morning wake up or lunchtime break. Just be sure to set a timer so that you’re not late for work or school (and don’t blame us if you are!)

 3.  Go mobile.

A dedicated gamer is an agile gamer. Pack up your gear and make gaming part of your lifestyle outside of your home. Whether toting a Das Keyboard gaming sling or Hackshield messenger bag, being prepared for a virtual smackdown at any time means more time to spend gaming.

How do you fit more gaming into your day? Share with us on Twitter and Facebook or just leave a comment below. And for more instant updates from the Das Keyboard team, be sure to subscribe to our email updates.