5 Meta Hacks of the Week: 11/9/18

5 Meta Hacks of the Week

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If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, I’ve included some great Meta Hacks to pass the time, including games and books. If you have any inspirational books, games, or movies that you want to share, go ahead and send them here. I’d love to hear about them, and share them with the community. And if you know of anyone who would appreciate Meta Hacks like the ones this week, go ahead and have them subscribe here.

Here’s my 5 hacks for this week.

1. The exciting world of ancient Greek sailors
What was it like to sail 2,500 years ago? Here is story of an ancient Greek ship that was just discovered.

2. Introducing reCAPTCHA v3: the new way to stop bots (without clicking of stop signs!)
This version doesn’t use an image challenge at all. Instead, it returns a score and lets you decide how to handle it (e.g. block, present an additional challenge, etc.)

3. Learning guitar: what chords sound great together?  (video)
This is one of the best explanation of basic chord structures. Helps you stay on top of music theory.

4. Improve your French: French TV news 8 PM everyday on the web
Watching TV news in French is a great way to improve your French. Soon, you will be able to carry on a conversation in French on diverse topics.

5. For Rails developer: a great video that explains database caching.
Caching at a low level is a great option when the view is too dynamic to cache and you need something flexible that can work anywhere in the application. This video shows a variety of ways to use Rails.cache with Active Record.

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