ars technica spends some time with the Das Keyboard

an excerpt from a review Das Keyboard received from ars technica,‘gears and gadgets’ section:

“…This review may have seemed slightly gushing, but it’s hard to apologize for getting excited about a product that hits all of your tastes so perfectly. This is a niche product, for sure; very few people are going to be spending over $100 on a keyboard. Of those, many won’t like the sound that comes from using this sort of keyboard. When you type with a Das Keyboard though, you look like you’re using a prop from Blade Runner, and you feel like you’re writing something with weight, even if you’re simply arguing on an Internet forum.

We told the people behind Das Keyboard that we were going to put the product through its paces for a long time before writing up our impressions, but they had the last laugh; now we can’t imagine typing on anything else. When they ask for our review sample back, they may get our debit number instead.”

Read the full review here

thanks ars technica!