Black Friday and Cyber Monday Madness at Das Keyboard

Avoid the Crowds – Shop from Home and Save!

Buy any Das Keyboard of your choice from our store, and receive for FREE:

  1. a WASD kit, Ultimate or ProfessionalDas Keyboard's Black Friday and Cyber Monday Special
  2. a Mac or Linux keycap set,
  3. a Das Keyboard t-shirt,
  4. and ground shipping.

Please add all those items to your cart. Upon checkout enter the coupon: DKBF2011 to credit the cost of all accessories. Coupon is only valid when all accessories are added to the shopping cart.

Promotion ends Monday, 11/28/2011 at midnight CST.

Update 1: the above means that the promotion starts Friday at 00:01… 

Update 2: the code has been fixed. Please try again if it did not work previously.

Update 3 (that’s a lot’a updates…): make sure all the items are in the shopping cart or the code will not work.

This offer cannot be combined with any other discount.

Go to the Das Keyboard store and knock yourself out.


  1. Oh hell yes. I want to get a second for work. I’m just thinking of getting another silent ultimate for work.

    In Australia though >.< Enjoy the awesome deal everyone 😀

  2. Aww man! I wanted one today, not on the 24th! I shall wait I guess *sigh*

  3. You know it’s totally worth the wait. 🙂

  4. Promotion appears to be broken..

    I have Das Keyboard Black T-Shirt, Mac Key Cap Set, WASD Key Set With Inscriptions, and Professional Model S in my cart and tried to use promo code DKBF2011.

    It is now 1AM CST on the 24th of Thanksgiving.

  5. Grrr! The coupon doesn’t work!

    On the off chance that the coupon was active, I tried checking out last week. No such luck, but it was worth a shot. Came back now, because the promotion is supposed to have started. Went though the check out process… Sorry! Maybe, it doesn’t work because I have a keycap puller in my basket… remove keycap puller and checkout again…WTF?!? I don’t think I’ve ever tried this hard to give a company money before… and failed.

  6. The promo code does not work. I get the message “Sorry. Either the promotional code you entered is incorrect or you can’t use this code with this order. Please re-enter the code or check the details of the offer.”

    I have these items in my cart:
    -Professional Model S Silent
    -WASD Key Set With Inscriptions
    -Das Keyboard T-Shirt, Brown, 2 Sided
    -Linux Key Caps, 2 Keys

  7. I need an Ultimate clicky!!! Annoy everyone!

  8. Trying to use the coupon code, and I’m getting an error at checkout:

    “Sorry. Either the promotional code you entered is incorrect or you can’t use this code with this order. Please re-enter the code or check the details of the offer.”


  9. Maybe you mean midnight tonight, not this morning. That’s my guess.

  10. I see you’ve updated your post. Guys, midnight of the 24th is Thursday. Midnight of the 25th is Friday.

    I’m glad to see you kept the original text for posterity’s sake though. Good on you.

  11. Will I be able to stack this discount with the student discount?

  12. It’s still not working.

  13. This does not work I just tried.

  14. Discount code is broken…

  15. It’s not working. Just tried checking out, everything in my cart is right. Anyone else getting the same thing?

  16. what is going on? I have all of the items placed in the shopping cart with the code ready to go and it says that the code is invalid? I really would like one of these!

  17. Well, it’s now the 25th and almost 2am CST…. and it’s still not working.

  18. This happened to me this morning too. Just tried to purchase the deal again tonight at 12:16 AM and still no luck!

    Makes me on the fence of just going with a Steelseries 6Gv2 instead. :/

  19. It’s 2:20am CST… I have the professional model s silent, wasd w/inscriptions, linux keycaps and the black tshirt… DKBF2011 code is throwing an error message still. I’m about to just give up.

  20. This isn’t working. Now it’s about 3am CST on Friday and I’m getting the following error:
    “Sorry. Either the promotional code you entered is incorrect or you can’t use this code with this order. Please re-enter the code or check the details of the offer.”

    I have the following in my cart:
    Das Keyboard T-shirt – Black Friday Promotion
    Linux Key Caps, 2 Keys
    WASD Key Set With Inscriptions
    Professional Model S

  21. I too have checked my cart several times….making sure I have everything in that is required and the coupon code still does not work for me.

  22. Just tried one last time and it worked!!! Thanks!!!

  23. I ordered and after placing order not going through. tried two times on an impulse buying streak.
    We’re sorry. An error occurred when we tried to process your request. Rest assured, we’re working to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Please try again in a few minutes.

    i have prof model s and other promo items.

    about to give up too,. entered all info including credit card!

  24. Um, I’m just a bit concerned because after getting a few of the error screens and then trying again multiple times, my order finally went through. It also said it would send an e-mail confirmation shortly, but after 3 days I have received nothing. I went to the account to track the package and it is there but it hasn’t been shipped yet. This is my first time buying anything from Das, so I don’t know if this is normal, but I would just like to know.

    Also, if for some reason there is a problem with the order and it is “fixed” after Monday is the promo still applied? (I ordered on Friday)

  25. We were closed for the holidays over the weekend. If the order went through and you can see it is there, you should be fine. We were having issues early on with the coupon code, but it is working fine now. Without more information, I can’t check your order. However, you can always submit a ticket here to get help:
    Don’t worry, no matter what, you’ll get everything at the correct price since you ordered it before the promotion ended.

  26. Hey, thanks a lot April, just got the email confirmation saying that it’s shipping. Everything’s working fine now.


  27. I placed my order before midnight with the promotion code, but it won’t accept.
    What’s the deal?

  28. Just got my das in the mail. I cant even explain how much I love this keyboard. The sound, the feel, the speed. This is the nicest keyboard I’ve ever had by far… Besides my wsad key set being all w keys everything was great!! Shipping was amazingly fast! When I ordered it said expected shipping date was dec 1-6. And it came today, nov 30th…Thanks for the awesome deal and this outstanding Daskeyboard Ultimate!

  29. DeNi3DxFATE – Make sure you submit a ticket with your order number and explain you only received W keys for the WASD kit. They’ll send you out the correct keys.

  30. If you were not able to place your order with the promotion code, please submit a ticket here:
    Tell them April suggested you submit a ticket because of your issues placing the order originally. My guess, without knowing the details, is that you might not have added all the accessories before putting in the promotion code?

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