Call for Ideas

Hello Das Keyboard fans!

We got such a great response when we asked about which mouse goes best with Das Keyboard that we wanted to ask another question to give you a chance to affect what we discuss here.

The question is this: What ideas do you have for topics or articles that would compliment Das Keyboard?

As an example, we had a posting about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome recently, which lends itself well to those interested in typing or keyboards. Another example may be an article about ergonomics, or efficiency, or anything else that could “go with” Das Keyboard.

If you have or have found an article you think would work, please post the link below. If you have a photo, video, or other material that would be appropriate but isn’t already online, please send it to

So now I leave it to you; what topics compliment Das Keyboard?
(PS, we’re still working on the mouse thing; some issues with manufacturers and others is slowing the process down)

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  1. AuthoHotkey pairs up nicely with Das Keyboard. It’s a program that lets you remap keys and/or key combinations to perform a large variety of tasks. It helps keep your hands on the keyboard.

    Another good topic is app launchers like Quick Silver, Launchy or Dash Command

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