New York Times Bestselling Author Types on a Das Keyboard

George Beahm

New York Times Bestselling author George Beahm spends 14 hours a day typing on a keyboard. He says he is in “keyboard heaven.” Here is his blog post.


My Type of Keyboard by George Beahm

Keyboards are such commonplace items that people tend to take them for granted, but I don’t. When I’m up against a deadline for a book project, I’m hammering away at a keyboard for eight, ten, twelve, even fourteen hours a day, until the project is done. That means my keyboard’s got to keep up with me–I’m a touch typist–and it also means typing comfort and reliability are essential.

For those reasons, I use a Das Keyboard, and no other.

Previously to owning a Das Keyboard, I tried virtually every third party keyboard, and every computer manufacturer’s keyboard, but when I discovered Das Keyboard, the search for the Holy Grail ended: Somehow, miraculously, the folks at Das Keyboard had intuited what I, and many others, wish for in a keyboard: sturdiness, reliability, and typing keys with an indefinable, exquisite “touch.” With Das Keyboard, I can type for hours on end without fatigue.

I am in keyboard heaven.

Whether it’s a quick e-mail, a letter, or a book-length manuscript, I’m able to concentrate on the writing, because Das Keyboard allows me to type quickly and accurately. My fingers fly over the keyboard, and the words on the screen march across the page with precision and accuracy.

Das Keyboard is, simply, the best.

It’s my type of keyboard, and after you try it, it’ll be yours, too.

George Beahm is a New York Times bestselling author of I, Steve: Steve Jobs in His Own Words, and also Steve Jobs’ Life By Design: Lessons to be Learned from His Last Lecture (Palgrave Macmillan). His forthcoming book is The Stephen King Companion (St. Martin’s Press, 2015). View

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