Das Earplugs!

Ear plugs

That’s right! Starting today, we’re offering earplugs that are intended for you to give to those around you as a peace offering so you can continue to work on your Das Keyboard and your co-workers or significant other can have some peace and quiet.

Click here to read the full press release (I highly recommend it, it’s not your regular boring press release)

Click here to buy some earplugs

OR, use the comments below to tell your true story of why you need a pair of earplugs for a co-worker or significant other and I’ll give away 10 pairs at my sole discretion. (Note: humor always gets more points)

Enjoy! (those around you will thank you)


  1. Sent an email with a screen shot to Das Keyboard’s support.

    Great read, by the way!!!

  2. …Will bulletproofing be a possibility? 😀

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