Das Keyboard Model S Reviewed by ReviewStach – with Sound Effects

Daniel Levy from Sacramento decided to review the Das Keyboard Professional Clicky, i.e. our model with Cherry blue key switches. What is nice with this review is that Daniel also does his own photography and recorded a video that captured the sound of the mechanical key switches. Read Daniel’s review on ReviewStach.

Read Daniel’s review on ReviewStach.


  1. Why do you use your index finger mostly? There are three others on the left hand. I think it’s unreasonable to buy such a keyboard if you are not good at typing 🙂

  2. Nice post. But I think Metadot should find a deeper review on the product not just base on the sound aspect. There are technical aspect that are not often mentioned, for example Das Keyboard doesn’t support NKRO-over-USB.

  3. Heh. That left hand is one efficient typing hand. Overworking the index finger a little bit? Reminds me of old system administrators who “hunt and peck” with both index fingers. Entertainment at its best.

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