Does the Das Keyboard Really Increase Your Typing Speed?

I came across the following article by Shaan Kirpalani as I was working my way through the internet. It was posted a while ago, but it still rings true. If you don’t have time to read it now, the short answer is: yes.

“After hearing about the Das Keyboard Ultimate, I found myself both impressed and slightly annoyed by the audacious keyboard. Its elegant appearance, characterless keys, and inclusion of gold plated, mechanical Cherry key switches impressed me while the notion that the marketplace has room for this kind of high-end, geekphernalia got my eyes rolling. Immediately, I equivocated it to the black MacBook or the newest golf driver: the apex of consumerism. The Das was however, very well received by the tech press–even winning the Computer Times’ Editors’ Choice Keyboard Award”…read more

Thanks to Shaan for the post!