Fix That Squeaky Key on Your Mechanical Keyboard

Stabilizer bar underneath Spacebar

Squeaky keys are a common occurrence in keyboards, most often on the larger keys. This is often due to the stabilizer bar beneath the key cap needing to be lubricated. There are a variety of lubricant options and most work fine, but we recommend you avoid WD-40 and silicon sprays as they contain petroleum-based solvents that are known to damage plastic. Many people report success using either a white lithium grease or a synthetic grease like Super Lube. A squeaky key is an easy problem to fix and you can lubricate the key yourself by following the tips in the video below:

Update: Several people have reported to us that in order to fix their squeaky key, they lubricated the white plastic hooks underneath the key cap as they were rubbing against another plastic part. We recommend you try this if our suggestions don’t eliminate the squeak.


  1. Yep.  My problem was the plastic hooks.  Greased them down with “White Lithium Grease” for like $4 at Walmart and my ears no longer hurt.  

  2. i bought superlube and lube both the metal stabilizer and the plastic hooks
    the sound only reduced by abit, it is still squeaky

    i feel that the plastic hook is too lose, and the metal stabilizer moves around too much whenever i press spacebar
    tats y it cannot be fixed by lubricant

  3. Hi,

    I have just bought a Das Keyboard Professional for Mac, and it arrived today. I have to say I am really positively impressed by the keyboard, yet the space bar and the backspace key are really squeaky. I have read in a couple of forum that you offer to send at least a key puller in order to fix the problem, is this true? Thanks.

  4. I didnt watch the video first and I pulled the key right off assuming it would be the same as the others, oops, of course it has a metal bar. Luckily I was able to pull the metal bar up, slide the small white pieces onto the bar and align within the key perfectly, and then push the backspace key back on and now it works fine. I used durex lube as I had it available and didnt want to spend out on specialised lubricant I would only use once, and it worked fine.

  5. Same here – I actually just pulled they key off with my fingers but you’re right – it’s a bit of a pain in the butt.

  6. How do you clean the space key though? The bar is hidden under the plastic board.

  7. Actually, one of the best lubricants that I’ve found to fix the squeaky key problem, specifically for mechanical keyboards (you’ll just be making a mess with any other type of keyboard) is to apply the smallest dab of baby powder or talcum powder directly to the individual switch. Once applied, work it in by actuating the key a few times and you should be fine for a good long while.

    Alternatives to using a powder – olive oil or vegetable oil (VERY little). I personally try to stay away from any oils or grease because you will always attract dust particles with a liquid based lube. While you can greatly reduce the amount of duct collected by being mindful of the type of liquid based lubricant that you use, you’ll never quite be able to eliminate it entirely. The same applies to a powder; however, I’ve found powder to last the longest and attract the least.

    BTW: I know that this is a bit off topic and I am now to this forum so if what I am about to post is frowned upon, please forgive me and I’ll get the vibe of the room once I’ve been here for a while. Although I’ve been using DAS Keyboards for a very long time, I am only now joining the blog and moreover, this is the first time that I have ever considered selling (trading actually) one of my treasured Das Keyboards and here’s why. I has a Pro 4 in my office, in my home and in my home office as well and I love them all. They all have cherry MX blue switches but my issue is when I am working at home very late at night. My kids have been able to hear me typing, which leads to them waking my wife which leads to me not being able to type at 3 AM and pfffft… we can’t have that. So I am wondering if anyone out there if if the good folks at DAS Key themselves would consider trading my DAS Pro 4 Cherry MX Blue for the same model but possibly with MX Brown switches (suggestions??). The keyboard is in mint condition with the original box, papers and everything else.

  8. Worked for me! 🙂

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