How to Find Out What Your Gamer Really Wants for the Holidays

There are all kinds of cool tech gifts out there. While lists of gift ideas are helpful, gamers need different equipment for different games. This makes buying holiday gifts for your tech-lover a headache. Rather than just giving you a list of cool new items this year, here are some hints to help you find out which gift your gamer really wants:


Ask the Right Questions

Instead of trying to guess what your gamer will want for the holidays, you should ask. You’re probably thinking this will ruin the surprise, but it doesn’t have to if you ask the right types of questions. Here are some leading questions you might want to ask: Mention that you recently read something about how ergonomics impact gaming. Ask your gamer about the pros and cons of his or her current set-up. This may give you clues as to what your gamer really wants to fix, such as a different sized mouse. This conversation might also give you ideas you never would have considered before, such as new lighting to help your gamer’s eyes late at night. Another way to ask about equipment is to say that you are looking for new ways to upgrade your own tech set-up, and you want to know what your gamer would do to improve his or hers. This can give you a list of some specific products you can add to your shopping list. You can also ask your gamer about recent tech equipment news to help identify if there is a new hot item your tech-geek wants. If your gamer frequently travels to events, you may want to see if a case to carry his or her equipment is something they need to add to their collection. Don’t forget to ask about new games, too. Ask your gamer about upcoming or recent game releases, and you will probably get a list of several he or she is dying to try. While, these are not the only questions you can ask, they are safe ways to start a discussion with your gamer to ensure you pick a satisfying gift.


Check the Specs

When you do find the perfect gift, make sure it will be compatible with your gamer’s PC to save a lot of frustration. Depending on the gift, you may be looking at operating systems, processors, video cards, available memory, or a variety of other features. Getting access to your gamer’s computer may be tricky, so it’s probably easier to ask about specifications in a sneaky way than to check. Try something like, “Hey, this new game looks cool, but I’m not sure my computer will run it. Will it run on yours?”

The Last Resort

If these strategies don’t work, or you’re still lost, consider a gift card. This is especially a good idea if you aren’t the most tech-savvy and the idea of checking specifications is scary. While you may feel that gift cards are impersonal, your gamer will totally understand that you only want to give him or her the best gift possible and appreciate the thought.


What do you think?

What are your tricks for finding out what your gamer friends want for the holidays?

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