Many of us know those relatives or friends who simply can’t stay away from their computer keyboards, whether they’re gaming, typing, coding, editing, or maybe even navigating because their mouse stopped working.

Why not get them a gift that acknowledges that constant usage (and possible obsession)? Here are 5 keyboard-themed Christmas gift ideas to help you get started.


1. Magic Cube Virtual Keyboard

As versatile as keyboards are, they can be a pain to travel with or use with something as small as a tablet.

Fortunately, some creative minds have invented virtual keyboards, which can be synced with many different types of devices. Virtual keyboards are one of the easiest ways to type when you’re on the go, as well.

There are lots of different options on the market, but the Magic Cube seems to be one of your better options for the keyboard user in your life who needs a portable yet reliable alternative to the typical full-sized model keyboard users are used to.

Don’t want to lug around a keyboard while traveling? No problem.


2. Doormat

Sometimes gifts for your PC friends don’t have to be all digital or mechanical.

For example, this keyboard doormat is a homey but still awesomely nerdy touch for the friend or relative who likes to entertain and host LAN parties.

Yes, the letters are mixed up a bit, but that’s not the point — it’s a cool doormat. Keystrokes won’t matter here. If it’s still going to bug you, look for the doormats that are the simple “Enter” key.

The perfect way to say “Welcome!” to your guests!


3. Ctrl + Alt + Del Pillows

Speaking of gifts that don’t need to be digital, here’s another great option for the computer lover in your life who also has a flair for interior design.

As seen on the show Two and a Half Men, these pillows make a blatant “I’m a keyboard user and proud of it” statement to all home visitors.

A few different Etsy sellers make these pillows, but they’re essentially the same idea. Just look around for the store/seller you prefer to purchase from.

Chic out your couch with Ctrl + Alt + Del.


4. Keyboard Picture Frame

So what happens to all those old keyboards that people throw away?

Well, sometimes the more craft-sy people like to use what they can out of these devices to make things like this keyboard picture frame.

Made from recycled keyboard keys, you know you’ll be doing the environment a favor as well as making your relative or friend excited about their unique gift they can proudly display next to their monitor.

Putting those old keyboards to good use…


5. “Beauty and the Geek” Pants

Doesn’t it seem like keyboards would be easier to deal with if they were on your pants?

No? Well, the company Niewe Heren disagrees. They’ve created a set of denim jeans with a full keyboard, speakers, and wireless mouse embedded into the jean’s structure, topped off with orange stitching to mimic the style of circuit boards.

If you want these pants for future holiday gifts, make sure to contact the company as an official release date hasn’t been announced yet.

These Christmas gift ideas should help you get started when you’re searching for that perfect “something” for the keyboard user (read: enthusiast) in your life.

Oh, and if this relative or friend happens to be of the hipster type, you could consider this 1960s-style typewriter that’s USB-enabled and hooks up to your computer. Which… is pretty awesome even if you’re not a hipster.

If you don’t think they’re weird, they’re a great gift idea.