Mac Key Cap Sets Available on the Das Keyboard Store

Mac Key Cap SetWe are excited to announce that we have Mac Key Cap Sets available for purchase on the Das Keyboard store. Each set comes with 2 option keys, 2 command keys, and a key puller. These are perfect for any Das Keyboard Professional users working on an Apple computer.

Buy the Mac Key Cap set now.


  1. My Model S Pro Silent (bought Dec 2009) has a function key on the left hand side. What would I do with the second option key? I noticed your pictures on the website don’t show the blue icons for volume, etc that my keyboard has – have you changed the design of the keyboard in the past couple of years? I’ve long wondered if there was a way to have a left Option key, like I have on my Macbook Pro…but that doesn’t seem possible on my DASK3PRO-S.

  2. The current models of the Das Keyboard do not have the function key and media controls your keyboard has. You could try using some key mapping software to see if you can swap keys out with the menu/application key. We have a few listed on our support page:

    Not sure how well that will work as I have never had anyone ask me how to remap the function key.

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