Mechanical Keyboard Guide: Introduction

Being someone who went from being obvlivious of mechanical keyboards to a huge fan, I have to say that the only true way to understand what makes them special is to use one. Whether you physically seek one out to test for yourself or just dive in and buy one, you will see, hear, and feel the difference. Guaranteed.

Because there is a general lack of knowledge about mechanical keyboards, I felt it was important to write a guide about them. Not only are they made to last longer, but there are some distinct advantages in both typing speed and typing comfort. Learning about the different elements that go into making a keyboard will help you make a more educated decision when purchasing your next keyboard.

Check out our first installment of The Mechanical Keyboard Guide. The guide begins with a comparison of membrane and mechanical keyboards and includes a list of terminology so you’ll have a clear understanding of what goes into keyboards and makes different types really stand out.

mechanical keyboard