Passing the Reigns…

Hello Das Keyboard Fans!

Just 6 months ago we set out to build and grow a community for Das Keyboard; in that time we’ve grown to 200 Facebook fans, launched Das Earplugs, the Ultimate Typing Championship, and the Das Keyboard Model S! A lot has happened and the community continues to grow. I’ve really enjoyed my time as Community Manager, but as with most things, the time has come for me to move on to other opportunities. I’m sad to leave, but I still have my Das Keyboard and use it every day! I’ll still be a Facebook fan and participate however I can with a remarkable product and community that I love.

You may be excited to know that Daniel Guermeur, inventor of Das Keyboard will act as the Community Manager in my place starting December 1, 2009. That means you’ll have direct access straight to the top!

The email address, the Facebook page, everything from an external point of view will stay the same. The only change will be who is reading and responding behind the scenes. Best wishes and keep up the great community participation to make your Das Keyboard community and experience the best it can be!

– Andy Ridinger