SourceForge CEO Gets Enthusiastic Typing On Das Keyboard

Scott Kauffman, CEO of SourceForge Inc. (the company behind Slashdot, SF, ThinkGeek and Freshmeat with the Nasdaq ticker LNUX) stopped by Metadot / Das Keyboard during his trip to Texas last week.

We spent some time playing with the Das Keyboard and enumerated all the advantages of having an old-style IBM Model M tactile keyboard with mechanical key switches. I was happy to see Scott smile while his fingers were flying over the keyboard, making an addictive clicky sound, as he said. Scott types fast. Really fast.

Scott Kauffman typing on Das Keyboard

(Picture: Scott Kauffman typing on Das Keyboard)

After lunch, while walking to his car in the scorching summer Texas sun (it was over 100F), he commented, “I don’t know how you guys get used to this heat.” Well, here is how it works: when I first came from Paris to Austin 11 years ago I had a very hard time with the heat. People told me, “you’ll see, after a while you’ll get used to it.” Eleven years later I’m not used to it, and I don’t know anybody who really is. That’s how it works!