With over 2,900 backers and over $470k raised, the Das Keyboard 5Q crushed our initial $100k goal. Be a part of keyboard history here.



1 Aluminum Top Panel

Per popular request, the Das Keyboard 5Q will be complete with an aluminium top panel. This will be added at no additional cost to backers.



2 Transparent Key Caps

A backer suggested to upgrade the Exclusive Innovator reward, our best reward: add a set of transparent key caps. We liked this idea a lot. So if you have pledged at the Exclusive Innovator level, a set of transparent key caps will be automatically added to your reward and will ship along with your 5Q keyboard.



3 Mystery Upgrade

If the Kickstarter funding reaches $500K a new update will be released. (HINT: 4 ways to crank-up your game.)