The 3 Hottest Updates to the 5Q


With over 2,900 backers and over $470k raised, the Das Keyboard 5Q crushed our initial $100k goal. Be a part of keyboard history here.



1 Aluminum Top Panel

Per popular request, the Das Keyboard 5Q will be complete with an aluminium top panel. This will be added at no additional cost to backers.




2 Transparent Key Caps

A backer suggested to upgrade the Exclusive Innovator reward, our best reward: add a set of transparent key caps. We liked this idea a lot. So if you have pledged at the Exclusive Innovator level, a set of transparent key caps will be automatically added to your reward and will ship along with your 5Q keyboard.




3 Mystery Upgrade

If the Kickstarter funding reaches $500K a new update will be released. (HINT: 4 ways to crank-up your game.)



  1. Dear DAS team,

    I really wish for a 5Q with full Mac layout, not just switched keycaps. Function and Mac specific keys working as well.

    Sad to see all the best keyboard makers like DAS for example still seem to think there are hardly any Mac users.
    I got the real Mac DAS Pro keyboard but am ot using it for now.
    I am not blindtyping and I do need backlighting for my eyesight.
    For the moment I am using a Razer Blackwidow Ultime Mac which is no longer made as well so I got me a second one just in case.
    I do see where the problem is. Illuminated keyboards are usually for gamers and Mac isn’t Gamers heaven. There are quite a few Mac gamers though but I’m not really one of them.
    There are nice options that are not illuminated. But at the moment there is no illuminated mechanical Mac keyboard produced anymore, Razer BWU was the last one.

    You got the Mac software for it according to your website.
    Couldn’t you do a Mac version when a KickStarter goal is achieved for example?
    Seems more useful than some of the other goal rewards to me.

    I hope you hear my plea, I’m sure many other Mac users would be happy with it and I know quite a few of them. A Google search will show a lot …

    Anyway, thank you for reading DAS team. You make amazing keyboards, make your best one for Mac as well …

  2. I missed the kickstarter campaign. Can I still order a 5q?

  3. At the moment no, but pre-orders will be open soon. For updates, please sign up for our newsletter here: (At the Bottom of the Page).

  4. If you could put a volume knob like this on the corner of the 4C keboard you’d have the ultimate (and only) TKL keyboard with volume! just sayin

  5. Hi Das,

    Is there any release date planned? As a huge fan of your keyboards I just can’t wait to start using this one and code awesome widgets!

    Thanks so much.

  6. The estimated delivery date has always been Jan 2017, however, the date is may be subject to change.

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