Tips and Tricks: Create Your Own Website, 3Doodler, and More..

1.  News flash, doodling can make ideas more tangible. All those shapes and swirly things you like to sketch while you’re sitting in a long meeting or chatting during a conference call… can actually help to bring your ideas to life! Read more about the cognitive benefits of doodling.


2.  Here is a great way to make a super quick and easy watermelon drink. Suuure, you could just use a hand mixer, but that takes all the fun out of rigging up a coat hanger to make a makeshift blender.   3.  Once you’ve watched this video, you too will click the “order yours” button. I mean, who doesn’t want a 3D printing pen? We could explain the sheer awesomeness of this device, but watching it is so much better….   4.  Want to build an awesome website? Well, look no further. PageCloud (the world’s most advanced website creator and editor) simplifies the process. PageCloud offers pre-built templates (much like other web content management systems), but takes it one step further by offering tools that allow users to quickly drop elements from one page to another or completely copy another website… making it easy to borrow someone else’s idea and make it your own.   5.  Here’s our best tip yet: Don’t get hacked