Tips & Tricks: Protect Your Privacy, Drink, and More…

Here’s some more awesome stuff we’ve discovered this week and we just had to share it with the world (by the way, “stuff” is on the list of 15 words you shouldn’t say, learn more below).


1.  Since the warm weather is arriving for most of us, so are the insects and flies. Oh how we dislike flies. A really cool trick to keep the flies away from your drink while you’re enjoying a nice day lounging, is to get some Glad Press & Seal to cover your drink. You can then poke a hole in the top for a straw. This is also a great way to turn any cup into a to go cup.



2.  Fresh herbs are great for cooking and bringing the best out of any dish. The bad thing about fresh herbs, they usually don’t last that long. A great way to keep the look of your herbs in tact while storing them, is to freeze them in oil (in an ice cube tray). This helps to keep their color and prevent against freezer burn…and when you’re ready to use, just pop out the ice cube of your choice and throw into a frying pan.


3.  If you travel a lot, there’s a good chance your phone charger has been lost, damaged, or both. An easy trick to carry your phone charger safely from one destination to another is to roll it up and pack it into a sunglasses case. This also helps to keep tabs on it…unless you’re prone to losing your sunglasses.


4.  Ghostery is awesome. According to Ghostery, you can “join over 40 million Ghostery users and download the web’s most popular privacy tool.” Watch the short video below about how Ghostery works. In a nutshell, you can stop websites from tracking you and be a complete ghost while you move through sites.


5.  Want to sound smarter? The Muse recommends eliminating these 15 words from your vocabulary. It’s not the easiest of tasks, but hey…we’ll give it a whirl.


Have an awesome tip or trick you want to share? Comment below so we can share with the Das Keyboard team. And, stay tuned for more tips and tricks to come.