Which Das Keyboard Model S Layouts will be available in Europe?

We’ve gotten this question a few times over the past few days, so I thought it would be helpful to all of our fans out there to answer this question in a more official manner.

The Das Keyboard Model S will be available in Europe around the beginning of November through getdigital.de. When that happens, the following key layouts will also be available:

Das Keyboard Model S Professional:

  • European 105-key Layout (UK layout)
  • German layout
  • US 104-key layout

Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate:

  • European 105-key layout
  • US 104-key layout

Every version of the Model S is designed to work with your PC’s operating system; this means that no matter which physical keyboard you have or which letters may be lasered onto the keys, you can use your operating system to install multiple keyboard layouts that will work.

For Windows Vista, for example, you can get to “Regional and Language Options” through the Control Panel, choose the “Keyboards and Languages” tab, then click “Change Keyboards.” This will give you a window that allows you to add new keyboard layouts.

In this example I added the Hungarian keyboard to my PC; now I can “alt+shift” toggle between the 2 layouts. The letters on my keyboard obviously don’t change, but now it’s easy for me to type the Hungarian-specific letters like ő, ö, ó, ű, ü, ú and others without using the special character insert feature in Word.

So, to our European fans, which layout do you plan on ordering? Do you switch back and forth between different language layouts often?


  1. When can we see a Model S Ultimate version for Mac?

  2. The Model S will definitely work on a Mac right now; there are just a few differences when you plug it into a Mac because of the protocol differences (the Mac system doesn’t recognize the media “stop” function, and as long you you’re using OS X you can swap the control/command/options keys using the keyboard control panel)

    As for a separate model build especially for the Mac, it’s definitely on our roadmap, but it’s still far enough out that I unfortunately can’t give a specific timeframe. But we know our customers want a Mac version and are working towards it!

  3. Thank you sooooo much. I’ve had a US version of the S Ultimate for about a week and love it to bits – if this is what the old IBM keyboard felt like I can see why everyone goes on about it so much.

    Can’t wait for the 105 key version to be available (need that extra pipe/backslash key!). Another 2 Das Keyboard Ultimates coming my way…

  4. Apple does not give good service to Hungarians, since don’t have a proper keyboard setting for Hungarian language. Battling with with phone calls and emails for more than a year. Especially when the special characters already there just have to switch the letter Y and Z with each other. That is all !!! Yet you refuse to do that. For a programmer 2 minutes job. For other nationalities have it like Croats, Slovaks and so on. I just do not get it ???!!! I call upon all Hungarians who I know here and people of Hungary to boycott Mac products.

  5. Been browsing around to find this for a few days, I notice that getdigital.de sells the EU layout for quite a lot more than the US layout costs here, are there any reasons for that? 🙁

  6. I’d love to have the Norwegian layout. I don’t ever switch to any other layouts (though I xmodmap some special characters onto the layout).

  7. Any update on progress of a proper mac version?

  8. Sorry, we don’t share information about what’s in development due the competitive nature of our industry. When we have something to announce, we’ll post it here.

  9. I would need a hungarian layout

  10. Spanish layout please. Pleeeeeeeeease!!

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