Will you be the Ultimate Typing Champion?

How fast can you type? Do you think you’re fast enough to be the Ultimate Typing Champion?

Now you can prove it.

If the title isn’t enough for you, perhaps $2,000, a free trip to South by Southwest in Austin, TX, a free keyboard, or a few other prizes will entice you to compete.

Today we launched the Ultimate Typing Championship. At its core is TyprX, a multi-player typing game that allows players to race in real time over the internet. The idea is to help you show off your mad typing skills and/or to increase your typing speed. TyprX will keep track of all your scores when you’re signed in and enter you in the Championship.

Check it out at www.UltimateTypingChampionship.com. Good luck to everyone!


  1. I found one error that wouldn’t let me continue the quote (no key would be accepted as correct a specific juncture) and I also double space after a period. It’s so ingrained, that I did it nearly every time even when telling myself not to. I would be nowhere near winning, but would like to compete. Oh well. Good luck to everyone else.

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