Introducing the New Das Keyboard 4 Mechanical Keyboard

Today Das Keyboard announced the launch of the Das Keyboard 4. With awesome features that will have your fingers thanking you… Best-in-class typing experience with cutting edge look A new anodized aluminum top panel for improved durability German-engineered, gold-plated mechanical switches that create the distinct click of each keystroke and provides better tactile and audible feedback than standard keyboards SuperSpeed USB 3.0 hub provides a [...]

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Custom Keycaps: What They Are & Where to Find Them

Mechanical keyboards are popular for many reasons, like their long-lasting durability or their effect on productivity. And another reason people love them is because they can be easy to customize. Where you can’t usually choose anything other than a color or shape with mainstream keyboards, a lot of enthusiasts will either build a mechanical keyboard from the ground up, or [...]

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How to Clean Your Keyboard: DON’T Use the Dishwasher!

When your computer keyboard is starting to get some sticky buildup, or a few of the keys are squeaking every time you press them, it’s time for a good cleaning. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your keyboard helps ensure you’ll be able to use it longer. This is especially important if you own a mechanical keyboard, because dirt and grime [...]

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