Tips & Tricks: Machines, Mosquitoes, and More

This weeks tips and tricks may just contain some unknown treasures from our modern world. Whether you’ve heard about them or not, one thing is for sure…they’re all awesome. Checkout Heartless Machines video clip, a must see Netflix original series recommendation, learn how to save yourself after being attacked by mosquitoes, and more…   1. The Netflix original series Daredevil is a [...]

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PC Gaming Trends in 2015 Part 2

In our previous post we talked about some of the major trends influencing the world of gaming this year, but we found that there are just too many things happening to limit our coverage of trends to one post. Here are four more major trends in the gaming world:   1. Kickstarters With the rise of public support for Kickstarters, game developers [...]

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The Ultimate Das Keyboard Sale

Save up to 70% off Das Keyboard Gear Information security is more important than ever, and the digital world is making it easier for your personal information to be captured and shared. Easily protect your sensitive information with our Hackshield RFID blocking gear. The Hackshield Wallet guards you against harm and keeps your credit card information safe and secure, while the [...]

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Three Cheers for Ten Years of Das Keyboard!

Das Keyboard is celebrating 10 years and we’re excited to celebrate it with you. On May 19, 2005, Das Keyboard announced the launch of the completely blank Das Keyboard 1. Since then, Das Keyboard has added several mechanical keyboards to the market with the most recent being the Das Keyboard 4 and 4C. The Das Keyboard 4 line is uber sleek, equipped with an [...]

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