Das Keyboard Special Offer in Honor of Our Reddit Fans

We are big fans of Reddit. We have recently noticed several discussions on Reddit about the Das Keyboard and are excited by all the positive comments and reviews. In order to say thank you to our Reddit fans, we’ve created a special Das Keyboard a special offer for everyone to enjoy. With each purchase of a keyboard from the Das Keyboard store, we’ll send a Das Keyboard goodie bag containing a t-shirt, stickers, magnets, pens and notepads, and a WASD kit for free.

When you purchase a keyboard and add a t-shirt to your shopping cart, we will make the t-shirt free and add a goodie bag to your order. Use coupon code: reddit11 at checkout. The offer ends on September 7, 2011. Offer limited to the US. This offer cannot be combined with the educational discount. Please note: We will be shipping the WASD Kits and Goodie bags separately from the keyboards.

Reddit Offer Rules

Purchase a Das Keyboard now and get this limited time offer.

Reddit Goodie Bag


Compete in Typing Races to Win Das Keyboard Goodies

Das Keyboard Race for Goodies

It’s time to give away some more Das Keyboard goodies. This time we’re interested in seeing how fast you type. Don’t worry, though, you don’t have to be the fastest typist to win this contest. Just go to app.typrx.com and participate in a race. When you complete the race, your typing speed will display next to the racing car that represents you. Take your typing speed, replace it in the following sentence and tweet it for your chance to win.

I typed 99wpm at app.typrx.com! Win Das Keyboard swag by racing & re-tweeting this with your speed. http://bit.ly/pTfV2T.

We’ll randomly select 2 winners each day from the previous days tweets. Make sure you are following us on Twitter as we notify winners by sending them a direct message on Twitter. Winners will receive a t-shirt, stickers, notepads, pens, and magnets. Get racing as this contest ends September 2nd, 2011.

10 Activities to Keep You Typing on Your Mechanical Keyboard

I hear over and over from mechanical keyboard owners that they love their keyboard so much they wish they had more reasons to type on it. To save you some time, I did the research and came up with a list of activities that involve lots of typing. There’s something for everyone on this list, so find an activity and get typing.

  1. Video Games – if you aren’t playing Starcraft 2 or some other MMO, you’re missing out on some serious typing opportunities. Just use the keyboard shortcuts and not only will you be kicking serious butt, but you’ll be enjoying your mechanical keyboard with full N-Key Rollover and quicker key action times.
  2. Keyboard drumming. Yes, it’s a thing. Yes, you should see it.

  3. Get involved with Social Media by maintaining active Facebook and Twitter accounts. Find your friends, start talking about your life, and soon you’ll be typing non-stop! Be prepared, though, as to get the true typing potential, you’ll need to bare your soul and share every detail of your life.
  4. Two words: ASCII art.
    ASCII art
  5. Use keyboard shortcuts for everything. Here’s a site with several lists of shortcuts to get you started.
  6. TyprX typing races. Improve your typing speed, race against others, eventually become the Ultimate Typing Champion.
  7. Text-based games. Long ago, video games had no graphics, just text. I know, hard to believe, but we had to use our imaginations and find the best ways to interact with objects via words. Check out a few and see what fun it can be to game without a mouse, without graphics, and without sound.
  8. Text-based video gameStart writing a novel, a book of poetry, or even the next great how-to book. Isn’t it said that everyone has a novel inside them? Sit at your mechanical keyboard and let the inspiration flow. Maybe you can be the next J.K. Rowling. In fact, November is National Novel Writing Month. The program encourages you to write a novel in 30 days. There are some special offers from sponsors to help you get your book published, making this a perfect opportunity to get started.
  9. If you have one of our Das Keyboard Ultimates (or a Professional–don’t look at the keys), you can learn to use the Dvorak layout, which is a more efficient keyboard layout. If you already use the Dvorak layout, try learning the Colemak keyboard layout.
  10. Write a daily blog or keep a private online journal. This can be a great way to start  or end your day while organizing your thoughts, and enjoying your mechanical keyboard to it’s full potential.

Mechanical Keyboard Guide: Common Key Switch Types

Cherry MX Brown mechanical switch animationThe one aspect of mechanical keyboards that confuses people most is the different types of key switches and how to decide which one is best for them. Most of the time, selecting a particular switch comes down to personal preference. While the Cherry MX Blue switches are considered the best for typing due being a very tactile switch, some people may find they type faster with Cherry MX Brown switches. It can help to seek out a few mechanical keyboards to feel for yourself what you prefer and to better understand how these switches differ.

Check out Part Three of the Mechanical Keyboard Guide and learn more about the different key switch types and which ones might suit your purposes the best.

Das Keyboard Swag for Followers Contest

Das Keyboard Swag for Followers ContestWe’ve got some extra goodies for our Twitter followers and will be giving away 2 Das Keyboard goody packs every day for the week of August 15th – August 19th, 2011.

To enter to win:
Each day we’ll tweet the following contest announcement:

Want to win Das Keyboard goodies? Follow @daskeyboard on Twitter, & retweet this message: bit.ly/olQuoY

Follow us on Twitter and retweet the contest message above. We’ll pick two winners each day.

Winners announcements:
We will select the winners from the people who participated up until midnight CST the previous day. All winners will be posted by 9amCST the following day on Twitter. We’ll contact the winners at the end of the contest for shipping information.

Contest is limited to the United States and Canada only.

Das Keyboard Supports Gamers at the Million Man Lan 10

Das Keyboard Booth at Million Man Lan 10We know many of our biggest fans spend hours on their Das Keyboard, fragging the competition. Because of this, and the fact that we love gaming,  Das Keyboard is a big supporter of gamers.  This past weekend (Aug 4-7), Das Keyboard was one of the sponsors for LanWar’s Million Man Lan 10 held in Louisville, KY. We brought some Das Keyboards with us and set up a booth to talk to attendees about our keyboards. We also staged races with our app, TyprX, each day to give people the chance to win a free Das Keyboard.

Fierce competition in the TyperX races at the Million Man Lan 10As always, the wining typists impressed with their fast typing skills. Day 2′s winner earned their keyboard by typing 128wpm, but the big winner of the weekend blew everyone away typing 141wpm. These races are always so much fun for us, and apparently, people loved the races so much the participants wanted to make the typing races part of the big event as they felt it was one of the best tournaments there. Big thanks to all the participants, we can’t wait until next year!

We posted a few more photos on our Facebook page. Go check them out and if you recognize yourself in a photo, tag it so we can put a name to your face.

Mechanical Keyboard Guide: Key Shapes and Key Printing

Cutaway of injection molded keyboard keyKeyboards vary widely in their key cap design. Whether it’s the shape of the keys or how the letters are printed on them, these elements can have an impact on the durability and comfort of a keyboard. Today most desktop keyboards have either cylindrical or flat keys, but initially spherical keys were the standard. Key shapes and key printing are a matter of personal preference. The average keyboard user might not ever notice fading with a keyboard that has pad printing; however, serious typists or anyone using a keyboard for long periods of time might find the labels wear away resulting in faded letters or no letters at all.

Learn more about both of key shape and printing options in Part Two of our Mechanical Keyboard Guide.


Replacing the Keys on Your Mechanical Keyboard

If you’ve wondered how to replace the key caps on your Das Keyboard, we created a video to answer all your questions. Using our WASD kit as an example, we show you how to remove the current key caps on your keyboard, how to recognize the different replacement keys if you bought the Ultimate key set with no key inscriptions, and how to pop the new keys into the keyboard. If you are ready to mod your keyboard with special key caps, this is the tutorial for you. Just remember, we highly discourage you from attempting to remove the larger keys on the keyboard, like the Enter key or the Spacebar. These keys have stabilizing bars underneath them and are incredibly tricky to replace.


Viewing Week Numbers in Google Calendars

It is very helpful to know week numbers when planning projects, or creating a schedule for the year. The week number indicates a specific week of the year. For example, week 31 in the year 2011 is from Monday August 1, 2011 until (and including) Sunday August 7, 2011. Many companies use the week number to indicate when events occur, or deliverables are expected in projects. If you have a plan to launch a product on week 35, you could schedule meetings for week 34 to prepare for launch.

If you are using Google Calendars, you may not know how to do this. We wanted to add this feature to our work calendars and found out it’s really simple. Go to your Google Calendar page. Look on the left-hand column for “Add” under the other calendars box. Click on it and select “Browse Interesting Calendars.” You will get a page of interesting calendars. Find the tab called “More”, click the link and subscribe to the calendar called “Week Numbers.” Once you’re done you’ll see a little blue box every Monday with the week number in it, just like the screen shot below.

Week number in Google Calendar

Caption This Das Keyboard Photo

One of our fearless employees took this photo while on vacation. As you can see T-Rex is enjoying his Das Keyboard. Come up with your best caption and post it in the comments. We’ll share our favorite caption on our Facebook page at the end of the week.

T-rex using Das Keyboard

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