5 Keyboard-Themed Gifts for the Computer Enthusiast in Your Life

Many of us know those relatives or friends who simply can’t stay away from their computer keyboards, whether they’re gaming, typing, coding, editing, or maybe even navigating because their mouse stopped working. Why not get them a gift that acknowledges that constant usage (and possible obsession)? Here are 5 keyboard-themed Christmas gift ideas to help you get started.   1. [...]

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The History of Thanksgiving-Era Writing Instruments

With Thanksgiving this week, our U.S. fans are preparing to celebrate the holiday with friends and family. Your email inbox is full of communications you’ve typed back and forth with them just trying to figure out the plans. But have you ever stopped to think that at the time of the first Thanksgiving, there were no keyboards? That’s right – those [...]

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How Gaming Makes You Smarter

In our deepest of hearts, we gamers have always known that video games can’t be as bad as society’s made them out to be. And now we have scientific proof to back us up. Several studies in the last few years have shown that the benefits of video games have a greater positive impact on the development of the mind [...]

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