3 Ways to Afford a New Computer and Keyboard for 2014

3 Ways to Afford a New Computer and Keyboard for 2014 by Das Keyboard

With the arrival of the new year, you’re probably thinking of ways you can improve your life, career, and gaming in 2014 (maybe they’re one in the same!)

One of the ways you’re considering doing this is updating that old computer of yours that freezes every time you’re playing League of Legends and replacing your keyboard that has the stuck “w” button which has killed you numerous times in-game.

But you don’t have enough money and computers and peripherals can be expensive, especially the high-quality ones that will provide you the best gaming experience possible. What can you do to afford the setup of your dreams?

Well, with the new year comes new opportunities to earn cash for that new computer and keyboard. Dare to give any of these suggestions a try? You might find you’re purchasing that system sooner than you think.


1. Sell some stuff.

Let’s be honest — there are games, books, furniture, possibly even clothes you didn’t touch at all in 2013. Why not gather them all up and start selling on Craigslist? You can even bring your items over to a friend or relative’s garage sale and have them sell the items for you.

Also look through your collectibles and memorabilia. Sometimes these can sell for higher prices than you might think if you’re willing to part with them.

Keep in mind that some people are looking for cheap, “sale” items after the holidays, and may not want to pay you what you think your items are worth. In this case, try another way of earning money for your computer and keyboard, like…


2. Offering your services.

Are you a gamer because you understand computers in and out? Guaranteed there are people in your life who need your expertise in this area who you could charge even $25 an hour for your work.

Ask friends, family, church or organization members, teachers, etc., or consider putting up a few flyers around town with your contact information and the technical help you can offer.

Not a computer genius? Offer another service you can do easily or are good at that other people may not want to do, like cooking, cleaning, or even taking down Christmas decorations.

Hint: people like paying for services that offer extra value, so consider providing a free “computer consultation” or something similar and people will be more likely to hire you.


3. Work a few extra hours.

If you already have a full- or part-time job, volunteer to work a few extra hours (or put in more if you’re allowed) to help fund your computer and keyboard goals.

This is an especially good idea if you work in retail or even food service. It’s the best time of the year to snag a few extra hours of work when co-workers aren’t wanting to go back to work after the holidays or deal with crazy, sale-obsessed customers.

The list doesn’t end here. You could use all your Christmas cash and gift cards towards your new purchases, or watch a friend’s pets and house while they’re out of town.

Get creative with how you earn your cash, and you’ll find that new computer and keyboard sitting on your desk sooner than you might think.

How do you plan to buy your new computer setup for 2014?