5 Meta Hacks of the Week: 10/12/18

5 Meta Hacks of the Week

Just like the previous week, last week’s Meta Hacks included some great music for you to listen to. I’ve also included a cool guide to Asian noodles, a VR experience, and more. Again, I’d like to continue receiving music suggestions from the community, so go ahead and send them here. Go ahead and forward the subscription page to the 5 Meta Hacks of the Week here to all your friends and family.


Daniel, Founder & CEO
Metadot / Das Keyboard / Mojo Helpdesk


1. Timeline of computer history
Want to see a floppy disk? An Apple Lisa? A Commodore computer? It’s all there at the Computer History Museum. Checkout their interesting timeline of computing history.

2. Inrupt
The father of the internet wants to reinvent the web and started Inrupt just to do that by decentralizing the web with an open-source platform.

3. The Void VR
I had the pleasure to participate in this ‘hyper-reality’ experience recently. Truly amazing if you get a chance to try it yourself. (Contributed by Will T.)

4. The ultimate guide to Asian noodles
Ever go into an Asian restaurant and feel overwhelmed by all the different noodle names? Check out this comprehensive guide.

5. Want to feel superhuman?
Listen to some epic music!