4 Simple, Quick Fixes to Improve Your Typing Today

Sometimes there’s nothing more frustrating than typing. Whether it’s hitting the wrong key during an online game, constantly messing up that one piece of coding, or even taking for-ev-er to finish that presentation due tomorrow, you wish there was an easy way to get better at typing. Well, simply put, there is. Typing is a skill that can be improved [...]

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How to Increase PC Productivity (Hint: Learn Keyboard Shortcuts)

These days, everything’s about “hacking.” Parents want to know how they can hack parenting, exercise buffs want to learn better fitness hacks, and pretty much everyone’s curious about life hacking. But there’s one life hack that many people overlook, and that’s keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are one of the quickest ways to increase your PC productivity. Being able to simply [...]

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Why You Need to Learn Touch Typing

For most people, typing’s a breeze. You might have taken typing classes in school or just learned as you went, and you can keep writing or coding or gaming with little problem or mistake. But even if you’re around your computer all the time, you still may not know how to use touch typing. This is nothing short of a [...]

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