Desk Ergonomics for Improved Posture and Typing Speed

Desk ergonomics are important to help prevent physical fatigue and the injuries that result from repetitive movements. Good ergonomics increase typing speed by achieving a more efficient positioning for typing movements that requires less motion to reach each key. Considering that the average person spends about 8 hours a day in front of a computer, making a few adjustments to [...]

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Typing Through Time: Chapter Two – The Computer Keyboard

The vast majority of people who use computers take using a keyboard for granted. It can raise the question, “How did this input device develop into what it is today?” In the next installment of  Typing Through Time,  The Development of the Computer Keyboard is detailed starting with a basic history of the first computers and how typing was used to communicate [...]

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Ultimate Typing Champion Shares His Typing Secrets

Sean Wrona wiped the competition out last year at the Ultimate Typing Championship. It’s not often that you see someone type 213 wpm at peak speed, under pressure, and with a crowd watching. With this in mind, we asked him a few questions to learn the secrets of his typing success. How does it feel to be the Ultimate Typing Champion? [...]

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