Das Keyboard 5Q Kickstarter May Update

Hello Kickstarter backers,

May has been an eventful month for us as we progress forward. Here are the highlights of this month’s update:

  • FCC compliance is looking good
  • Q knob and encoder has been updated
  • Dedicating the macro keys to media keys
  • Expecting a Pilot build in June & production in July
  • Q Desktop beta 2 and Q Android beta 2 software has been released to Early Access backers
  • Shipping addresses are still updatable

5Q Hardware Progress

Our HW focus continues on FCC Compliance; The new encoder/knob design and production sourcing; and a change to dedicate the Macro keys to brightness and audio control.

FCC Compliance is in full swing this last week in the lab and on Wednesday, for prescan results in a 10M Chamber prior to full compliance testing. Last month, we explained the cycle time required to get PCB changes implemented, fabricated, and then tested and we’re at that test stage. Pre-scans look good and we expect to see a thumbs up for a full compliance run on Wednesday of this week.

Q knob and encoder design change is now complete and we will see a rapid prototype this week. The customized encoder is also due in this week. While this has cost us some schedule time, we know the change will be well worth it.

Updated Q knob and encoder design changes. (Does not reflect new macro key design updates)
Updated Q knob and encoder design changes. (Does not reflect new macro key design updates)


Dedicating the Macro Keys for audio and backlight brightness control is underway and will require some modification to those buttons (not yet shown above) to reflect new icons.

We’re looking at a Pilot build in June and Production in July.

Q Software Progress

Q Desktop beta 2 and Q Android beta 2 have just been released to the Early Access backers today. Here is the content of this new version:

  • real-time synchronization with the 5Q keyboard
  • ability to manage user-created RGB profiles
  • ability to clone an RGB profile Q desktop now has a set of stock profiles (Photoshop, Autocad, Best Typing Position, Counter-Strike, League of Legends)
  • ability to select a profile and connect it to an application
  • added support for German layout added a message area to display important information about the Q software (e.g. upgrade available, Q service down, etc…)
  • the keyboard Q button now opens the Signal Center, showing the newest signals
  • signal information are now displayed in dashboard mode
  • various improvements in signal center
  • new users are now welcomed with a “getting started” video
  •  ability to select your layout (US or German) in Zapier
5Q dashboard mode showing Jenkins software build failure.
5Q dashboard mode showing Jenkins software build failure.

Features on deck:

  • Support of more layouts: French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Danish
  • Multi-device support
  • Macro support
  • Ability to create signals for a multi-key zone
  • SDK
  • Ability to load and publish RGB profiles from the market place
  • Mac installer
  • Linux installer

Shipping Address Update

We are still accepting shipping address updates. If you need to change it, open a ticket here:https://daskeyboard.mojohelpdesk.com/login/create_request#/ticket-form/28283


We thank all our backers for their continuous support of our project. We realize there have been several hurdles and the journey has not been easy.

If you would like to reach our team to general inquiries, feedback, or suggestions please submit a ticket and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible: https://daskeyboard.mojohelpdesk.com/login/create_request#/ticket-form/28283


Julie + Das Keyboard Team


  1. I’ve had the 4 Pro and loved it. But had to buy key stickers for Spanish. Will we get a factory Spanish 5Q? Thx.

  2. Hi there erixx,

    Unfortunately, we will not have a Spanish layout for the 5Q available 🙁 I apologize for the inconvenience!

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