Das Keyboard Around the Web

Every once in awhile, we search for our name online. Doesn’t everyone? Recently, Das Keyboard has been mentioned in several articles and places around the web that are pretty cool.

The Das Keyboard Ultimate is listed as one of the 18 Coolest Keyboards Ever Made over here.

A couple of the things people have said about us on Twitter lately:

@Xav – One day in with the @daskeyboard and it feels just right. Definitely not cheap, but a good investment for someone that writes for a living.

@robert_lund – I took my @daskeyboard home from the office yesterday and I already miss it today. Might have to go pick it up at lunch 😀

If you missed it, a couple of weeks ago, we had some Das Keyboard fans stop by our office to try out a few keyboards.

Das Keyboard fans visit the office

Also, the ROOT Gaming Team is competing in the IPL5 tournament in Vegas this weekend. We’re cheering them on and can’t wait to see how they do. Go ROOT4ROOT.

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  1. Sick, cannot wait to get mine. =D Thanks for sponsoring Root! Sick games for Root, such a staked tournament!

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