Das Keyboard Clicky vs Silent: The Video

We previously posted a video comparing the clickity-clack of the IBM Model M vs the Das Keyboard Clicky model. Since then, we received requests for more comparisons and decided it was time to put the Das Keyboard Clicky model up against the Das Keyboard Silent. The Silent brown switches are definitely more muted than the Clicky blue switches, but still give awesome, though quieter, tactile feedback as expected from a mechanical keyboard. We’ve included the sound waves so you can not only hear, but also see the difference in sound. Check out the video below and decide which one you prefer.


  1. Looking at this video I’m having a hard time saying that the Silent has a lower sound level overall. Is the Silent noticeably quieter for my roommates. Thanks.

  2. The silent is definitely a bit more quiet, as it has a softer click compared to the loud hollow click of the blue key switches.

  3. Based on this video, I seriously *could not*  decide whether I liked the Clicky or the Silent more.  I watched this demo about 100 times trying to make up my mind.  So I bought a Clicky based solely on the fact that it was 6 bucks cheaper.  I’ll probably buy the Ultimate Silent in a couple months, as I have six computers in a cluster at home.  Thanks, Das.  You tricked me into buying TWO of your keyboards. 

  4. You are quite welcome. Sounds like we did our job well. 🙂
    Honestly, it’ll come down to how it feels. They do feel different and usually people prefer one over the other.

  5. I am a classical musician with sensitive hearing, and I definitely prefer the ‘silent.’ Actually, I find the sound of the quieter (‘silent’) keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches to be pleasant…not just finding it tolerable here. Judging by the sound on the video, I would like it. But the clackety Blue one would drive me insane!

    Thanks for showing the comparison!

  6. I bought the silent – it’s loud! As others said here, there isn’t a difference in the sound level between the two.

  7. I am trying to decide on browns vs blues. I have a blue keyboard, and I’m wondering how much like the blues do the browns feel like? I want a blue feel without the blue clicks, if that makes sense. The same kind of pressure to push the key, feel, etc. Just not a click when going down before bottoming out and coming back up. The only click can be the key bottoming out, if that makes sense. 🙂 If possible, let me know if the browns should feel like blues but just be without the click.

    I’m currently typing this on a CM Storm QuickFire Rapid with browns, but I’m wondering if something is wrong with it because it does not feel anything at all like the blue keyboard I have. It has almost 0 feedback, unlike the blue which feel much more tactile. My impressions from all the research I’ve done is that browns would feel like the blues, just not click like the blues. How are the DAS boards in this respect?

  8. My favorite keyboard ever is on my Samsung R580 laptop. It has island keys that are nice and springy, but it sucks having it attached to the chassis so I’m looking into Das Keyboard. Going to Best Buy tomorrow to give the MX Browns a chance. I don’t think I’ll like the MX Blues, but it’s possible. I like the thuddish click of my island keyboard, yet I’m hoping that the Blue switches are some kind of previously unattainable nirvana of typing. Either way, I’ve got a gift card with Das Keyboard written all over it.

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