Three Cheers for Ten Years of Das Keyboard!

Das Keyboard is celebrating 10 years and we’re excited to celebrate it with you. On May 19, 2005, Das Keyboard announced the launch of the completely blank Das Keyboard 1. Since then, Das Keyboard has added several mechanical keyboards to the market with the most recent being the Das Keyboard 4 and 4C. The Das Keyboard 4 line is uber sleek, equipped with an aluminum top panel, and robust construction you can feel. To learn about all the awesome things that happened in between, read the full Das Keyboard Story.

10 years is no easy task, and we could not have done it without the support of the BadAss mechanical keyboard community. To help us celebrate, we are offering 20% off the Das Keyboard 4C Professional and Ultimate

Hurry, the deal ends on May 21st. *Free shipping included. US residents only.*



  1. I would like to pre order my back lit Das Keyboard but if its going to be a while I guess I will have to settle for a Pro

  2. If they are making a back lit version, I hope they keep making the non-backlit version, or at least ensure the back lit keys are visible at night without the lighting turned on.

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