Das Keyboard’s PS2 PCI Card Recommendation for N-Key Rollover

Not all computers come equipped with all the ports needed to fully optimize the power of the Das Keyboard’s n-key rollover (aka NKRO: a user can press any number of keys and have them *all* registered by the computer, no matter how many keys are being held down at once). We recommend Syba’s SD-NECPS-2U2PS2 card to add two PS/s ports to your PC  (for full n-key rollover), with the added bonus of two added USB 2.0 ports. Check out the pic below (taken straight from newegg.com, click this link to purchase). Happy gaming.


  1. So will using this enable the N-Key rollover? From my understanding this is just an adapter, so I don’t see exactly how it will change anything. Since it will still be going to a USB. It’ll just be USB/PS2/USB..

    Can you confirm that it does in fact, enable the N-Key rollover before I purchase?

  2. Yes, many keyboard companies use this adapter to enable N-Key rollover. It is fairly standard to use an adapter because so few people have a computer with PS2 ports on them. This PCI card adds those ports so folks wanting to use the adapter have something to plug into.

  3. Alright, thank you. Just wanted to make sure it would actually work before paying $15, plugging it in and it not working. $15 isn’t a bad price to pay to get N-Key rollover working. This should be on the front page though, if it isn’t already.

  4. Does it truly enable nkro? From what i read from the posts it is unable to immitate a ps/2 hub as pci interfaces use a usb mimicing scheme.

  5. I have not personally used this PCI card. You would probably need to contact the manufacturer to know for sure. It is sold as enabling nkro, and it seems to be one of the few options out there to add a PS2 to your computer, but if there are problems we have not encountered them.

  6. Thank you for the insight. We will re-look at this post and make the appropriate corrections. The last thing we want is to encourage people to buy a product that doesn’t work.

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