How to Use Das Keyboard with Your iPad

iPads are awesome. What isn’t so awesome? Typing for long periods of time on them (whether that’s in the form of writing long emails, blogging, or any form of writing and text-editing). As great as touch-screen technology is, there really is nothing quite like typing on an actual keyboard- for speed, efficiency and satisfaction. Typing on an iPad can be a total drag, especially if you are a fast keyboard typist, and don’t want to lose any of your typing speed.

Straight from our facebook fan page, Michael L. resolves this conundrum and creates the ultimate iPad typing experience:

“Das Keyboard on iPad. You only need to plug in one of the USB cables to the Apple Camera Connection kit. Works great for writing. Here I have Clean Writer open in a 1980s style (green text on black) with Das Keyboard connected. So retro yet so usable.”

Check out Michael’s Set-Up:

Michael, you have it going on! Thanks for the tip 🙂

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  1. The good old days of IBM mainframe text editor is back again. Thank you.

    There is another piece of old memory. IBM also made a ‘tiger’ terminal/montor which is also monochrome. Tiger is this text means big. The monitor is more than 18 in from corner to corner. It is amber text on black screen. That was a plasma technology in the early 1990’s.  

    People said that  green text on black is American way, and amber text on black is European way. Notice how the dashboard light (color) in the European cars look like.

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