Infographic – Get Time Back by Typing Faster

Get Time Back by Typing Faster
For many people, learning to type faster equates to improving video game performance or typing documents faster, though increasing typing speed has the overall benefit of saving time. Want to know if the amount of time saved by typing faster is significant? We determined how many documents could be entered at a typing speed of 30wpm, 60 wpm, and 90 wpm and then how much time was saved at each speed increase.

We found improving typing speed can have a dramatic impact on a person’s productivity, thereby saving a surprisingly large amount of time each week. Check out our infographic and leave a comment about how much time you’ve gotten back from typing faster.

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  1. I agree. At 93 wpm, I type emails and lecture notes in no time. I bet I saved tons of hours especially on urgent assignments. I’m looking to save more by buying Das Keyboard and using DVORAK instead of QWERTY. Das Keyboard FTW!

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