Introducting Das Keyboard Professional and Ultimate

It’s official! The third generation of Das Keyboard is now available for pre-order at The new Das Keyboard is a complete redesign that focuses on providing the best typing experience. I think we succeeded but our users will have the final word on this.

The new Das keyboard comes in two models:
  • Das Keyboard Ultimate: the blank mechanical keyboard
  • Das Keyboard Professional: with inscriptions

Here are some feature highlights:

  • Mechanical key switches
  • USB hub
  • Blue LEDs
  • Glossy black enclosure
  • extra long USB cable
Check it out at


  1. I already preorded mine can’t wait until it ships. Quick note though you might want to redo the front page. It’s hard to tell that the only difference between the two is that the keys are blank.

  2. When will it ship?

  3. Will it still have variable pressure across the keyboard like the original keyboard did?

  4. No weighted keys for this one but mechanical key switches. The feedback is just perfect.

  5. i don’t like the new design too much… will it be possible to get a DasKeyboard II in some time?

  6. When will you guys start making a split keyboard?

  7. i ordered, but received nothing about a ship date.

  8. Does this retain the scalloped home keys of the DKII?

  9. uhm guys, your keyboards are getting worse (no offense) with each version.

    you can’t beat the grands in slicky lines (logitech diNovo Edgeβ„’?) and blue LEDs (Deck keyboard?), you need something very special.

    i liked Das Keyboard for its weighted keys feature, liked Das Keyboard II for its scoop keys and reference look, but this one is kinda disappointing…

    mechanical key switches are good, but we need something serious to show how geeky we are. in addition to blank keys and clicky sound =) i dunno, give us back weighted keys, add inner memory and ability to be programmed (i LOVE R2 Mark III Omnimouse fot that), but please don’t be yet another keyboard maker offering blank keys as option.

  10. Weighted keys are BAD. IBM did an insane amount of research so that they could build the PERFECT keyboard, and this is a modern version of that.

    IBM found that every key requiring the same amount of force was much more ergonomic than some requiring more force than others, like the space bar requiring more because it had two switches, or the enter key, or the shift key, or the…

  11. The new Das Keyboard looks nice, but I though the whole appeal of the DK was old school/geeky/hardcore. The DKII is hardcore all the way – mechanical switches, scooped F/J, nothing but the 104 keys. You’ve taken away the scooped keys and put more stuff in it.

    I bought the DKII because it was blank but also because it was just a plain keyboard – I don’t want a keyboard with other features in it. I think you should continue to offer the DKII.

  12. Do you have plans to offer a Mac layout keyboard?

  13. if you had an ergonomic keyboard layout I’d buy it. My microsoft 4000 keyboard sucks, but I’m used to the layout. I know there’s no proof ergonomic is better, but that’s what I’m used to.

  14. by “mechanical” what is meant exactly? Are we talking about Model M style buckling springs?

    (“Yes” is what I’d want to hear.)

    (Oh, and, add another vote for a mac layout option, at least if it’s just the alt/windows -> option/command key markings but otherwise as is. Unicomp don’t, so that would be a reason not to buy another one from them, if you did.) πŸ™‚

  15. Blue LEDs?! Please tell me you are joking?? That’s the kind of techies joke about: “yeah throw in some blue leds to make marketdroids happy”. It’s the digital equivalent of Britney Spears. Seriously. It’s hard on the eyes and just silly.

  16. ditto to previous comments, when will it ship?

  17. Looks Great! When will it be shipped?

    I do think they should change the names.

    Das Keyboard III
    Das Keyboard III with Paint ;^)

  18. It should ship on July 14th.

  19. any chance that there might be a version with a trackpoint in the middle?

    just asking because “das keyboard” are available in germany whereas the Unicomp Endurapro (which has the trackpoint) isn’t.

  20. could i mod the blue leds out?
    i will try πŸ˜› i still have a bunch of green ones laying around.

    personally Num lock should be green, caps lock should be orange.

  21. new design is really disappointing – i wanted to get a second DKII for my office, but now it looks like that’s not an option anymore. the new design has an ugly shape, the font (for the version with lettering) is lame, and blue LED’s are for tasteless case modder kids, not uberhackers – simplicity was what made the DKII design so great, and less is more. if you really need to get creative, how about making them in different colours, wireless version, or ergnomic format? bring back the DKII, please.

  22. I can’t find the picture of 105 euro layout keyboard. Anyone?

  23. Just pre-ordered mine, can’t wait. Haven’t had a Das Keyboard before so I can’t really compare these to the old ones.

    I will say though, that I ordered the unlabeled one, for two reasons-

    – Geekery
    – Aesthetics

    The typeface chosen on the key labels on the Professional model (looks like Bank Gothic or something similar) is just plain ugly, especially for a keyboard that prides itself on simplicity. Use Helvetica!

    Gotta admit the red logo also kinda clashes with the blue LED’s (grey would be more ideal). Definitely preferred the look of the previous Das Keyboards better, but I’ll still be happy with this!

  24. Where can I get one of these in Japan?? I’m using a Filco mechanical keyboard at the moment and its very nice. I’d like to get a Das Keyboard too if its legal to ship them to Tokyo.

  25. I got my ultimate yesterday. Wow the build quality is awesome and those clicky keys are loud! Typing isn’t too bad even though there are no labels. The only thing I struggle on is when typing the odd word. Passwords are particularly interesting as you can’t tell if you got it right until you submit. Still I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Looking at the keys was just a habit I think.

    The only thing I’ll say is that the warranty is a little lame. With such a good quality keyboard I’m sure they could slap on a two or three year warranty to put their money where there mouth is. Still I’m sure I won’t have any problems over the next five years!

    (All this was typed with the Das and it didn’t take half an hour!)

  26. So the 105 key layout features a large ENTER key, right?

    Will there be a german layout with inscriptions on the keys?

  27. The Das Keyboard Ultimate (or Über Keyboard) is fantastic! I pitty the poor, weaklings who can’t handle a blank keyboard!

  28. I had the opportunity to type on one at the metadot office here in Austin. Many thanks to the receptionist!

    Das Keyboard is a nice keyboard but I find the weight of the keys too light and the click impotent. I much prefer my Model M.

    unisys sells an updated USB 104 key version of the model M for $69. I can’t justify $129 with something like that available.

  29. Typing on my new Das Keyboard! Really liking it so far, only been using it for about 5 minutes. Whee!

  30. I’ve been enjoying my new Das Keyboard Ultimate for a week now. Compared to the second edition (which I happily used for nearly a year), I think it’s even better.

    – It’s a little quieter.
    – It just “feels better”, from a tactile/feedback point of view.
    – The smaller footprint is nice.
    – It’s heavier. Nice solid heft.
    – I prefer the glossy finish to the matte of the previous edition.
    – The blue LED’s are in good taste.
    – I doubt I’ll use the USB ports, but it’s cool that they’re there.

  31. o wow the blue-leds aren’t annoying πŸ˜€
    they look a bit purple when looking onto it, it’s very nice.

    it’s not a bright blue unless u look straight on top of it.
    sorry for bashing the blue-leds before seeing it, but it’s very very nice πŸ˜›

  32. USB hub is on the wrong side as most mouse users use the mouse at the right.

    Thats why I don’t buy this keyboard.

  33. For the love of god, where can I get one of these in Asia??!?

  34. I’ve got my Ultimate today. It’s great keyboard! =)

    Thank you for this product!! πŸ™‚

    “It’s thing to make your fingers happier!”

  35. I’ve been using the ultimate for a while now and I’m very impressed. The feel of the keyboard is amazing, and my typing speed improved by about 15wpm almost instantly. My first few days of having it I screwed up quite a few of my more-complicated passwords, but I’m getting better; however, typing with one hand is still pretty hard to do πŸ™‚

  36. hi,
    i have the first version at work and finally bought the new ultimate for home πŸ™‚
    And i really like the new version more πŸ™‚ (nicer look, more or less same typing quality and i like the glossy look and i don’t mind the blue leds… :-).

    And i really appreciate the usb-ports…
    Too bad there is now a version with letters, but i can see the point of it.

  37. Didn’t see an answer to the “what does mechanical switching mean?” question, and I would’ve found this helpful prior to breaking down and ordering the damned thing.

    IBM Model M keyboards use buckling springs that connect to circuitry under the keyboard – the spring compresses and bends underneath the keycap when you push down, and the tactile and auditory feedback received is the result of that spring un-compressing.

    Mechanical switches as used on Das Keyboard III (and to my understanding, DKII) are different – the keycap depresses the switch mechanism directly below it directly. That is, there’s no in-between – the keycap literally sits atop the switch mechanism, and there’s a complete separate switch unit for each. This is part of why DK is expensive (though the rest is likely novelty).

    How do the two compare? They’re different. Buckling spring keyboards require a bit more exertion and really clack like mad. DKIII takes a lighter touch and at first feels as though it’s less responsive, but that’s because it doesn’t take as much force to hit spot where the switch depresses. It’s still loads more responsive than rubber-dome switches, and once you get used to the variation in required exertion, it’s pretty sweet (though not *as* loud as a Model M).

    Other observations: the keycaps do seem to be uniquely contoured. I took off a few and didn’t note which were which, as I didn’t think it to be important on the Ultra model. However, upon returning them to their places atop the switches, I noticed they didn’t sit right in line with the other keys. After twenty minutes of experimentation, I got them back in the right places. The variation is subtle but noticeable to the eye and, more importantly, to the fingers – wrong key in the wrong place feels *incredibly* wrong. You have been warned! πŸ™‚

  38. just want to leave a comment, that daskeyboard was the best method to learn the touch system. Since I have the daskeyboard, it doesn’t matter on which keyboard I work. Just configure the right keyboard settings and write – this works perfect.

    Some suggestion: If it is possible to add 3 more keys (ie. over the nummerpad) would be great. This could be used for customized keys. (I use this in linux for special things πŸ˜‰ )

  39. j.erik, use the Windows keys. I use them for < / > and Compose; this way I can write UTF-8 with American layout, or change to Norwegian layout without loosing any keys!

    American keyboards are so much better than European.

  40. Mac version?


  41. if it doesn’t have key legends, why do you need a specific mac version? It already is.

  42. I used “das Keyboard” for some weeks now, and I’ll have to ditch it.

    Why? Because it is too goddam noisy. When I really type on “das Keyboard” no one else in the room can understand each other anymore.

    This is a real pity, since the keyboard is great – you really should have used linear cherry keys!!!

  43. Blogger Rachel said…
    “if it doesn’t have key legends, why do you need a specific mac version? It already is.”

    Not all Das Keyboards have blank keys. You’d know that if you’d bothered to check.
    I want a Mac version since I want the inscribed version of the keyboard, want my “alt” and “cmd” keys in the places that I’m used to…and I don’t want to remap my keyboard settings.
    Since my first post I’ve read that they plan to introduce a Mac version in the spring of 2009. I’ll hang on until then.

  44. Hello,

    Why don’t you make a keyboard with different layounts other than US? I know there’s a blank version but that is way too unfriendly to other people that might use my computer.
    A shame really.
    Is something like that on the works?

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