Mapping Your Das Keyboard’s Keys on the Mac

I’ve used the Das Keyboard with my MacBook Pro the past few weeks and it’s been a great experience. I had never used a mechanical keyboard before, and like most people, I thought a keyboard was just a keyboard. But after just the first week, the differences between the Das Keyboard and the other keyboards completely blew my mind. Whether it is the audible clicking sound as I type or the tactile feel of pressing each key, I really enjoy typing on it and have seen my typing speed significantly increase.

If you’ve hesitated because you own a Mac, there’s no need. Das Keyboards work fine on Macs. I haven’t had any problems with mine but I also took the time to set up my keyboard preferences correctly. On all PC keyboards the option and command buttons are inverted from the normal Apple layout, which can really mess you up if you aren’t ready for it. Luckily, it’s an easy process to fix this. Go to the system preferences, open keyboard preferences, and change which actions are set for the option and command keys to remap your modifier keys.

In order to make things easier, we created a video to show you step-by-step how to set these keys up in the Apple layout. These changes will ensure you get the greatest enjoyment out of your Das Keyboard.



  1. This doesn’t seem to work with my ‘DASK3ULT-S’.

    Even after preforming the change in the system preferences, the left alt/option key will not re-map, however, the other keys re-map correctly.

    Is this an issue specific to this model?

  2. That is not a known issue. Just tried to replicate the issue with a Mac here and the same model and had no problems. If you are lucky enough to have access to another Mac computer, I would test the keyboard on it to see if it’s an issue you can replicate, or maybe something else we’re missing. If your keyboard is still under warranty and either you don’t have access to another Mac or you do test it on another Mac and still have the problem, contact support:

  3. Actually, this does seem to be a known issue. I created a ticket (#609082) with Das Keyboard Support March 2010 and the answer to my question was this:

    “Hi Tom,

    The left Windows key was replaced by the Fn key to operate the media buttons. The Fn key cannot be remapped for any other use. You can read more about this on the product page here:

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    Best regards,

    I have been able to test on multiple macs (imac and macbook pro) and still come across the same issue.

    Is there a newer version of this keyboard or any type of work-around? Would love to get it to work properly.

  4. Ah! I see the confusion, you have an earlier Model S with the media controls. The ticket was completely correct, I misread your previous comment and didn’t realize you had an earlier Model S. The current iteration of the Model S does not have media controls and does not have this problem.

  5. Why not just make a Mac version of the Das keyboard? How difficult would *that* be? I’d buy one….

  6. I purchased a Model S Professional Silent which arrived yesterday. I’m trying to map it for my MacBook Pro running OS X 10.6.8 and like twahlin, am completely unable to remap the alt/option key.

    This is the most money I’ve ever spent on a keyboard, I bought it to replace my stock Apple one which is terrible. Are we to believe that there is no way to remap the option key? It clearly states on your website that the Model S Professional Silent is Mac-compatible via key remapping. Nowhere does it mention anything about compatibility issues with older models, which models are not fully compatible, or how to identify (and avoid buying) those older models.

    The build quality on the Das is excellent, however I would not have ordered it had I known about these issues. It is misleading to say it’s Mac compatible without mentioning anything about issues with earlier models.

  7. poly1-
    The issue twahlin was talking about was with an earlier model of the keyboard. I am personally using a Model S Professional Silent with a MacBook Pro and have had no issues mapping the alt/option keys. In fact, I used this exact setup to make the video showing how to map these keys.
    Without more information like the exact model number and what happens when you re-map the keys in the system preferences I can’t tell you what is going wrong. Honestly, the best bet is to speak with support to see if they can help you or at least set you up for a return or exchange. I created a ticket for you using the email attached to your post. You should see something in your email with the ticket number and a link where you can go add more comments.

  8. April,

    The model number is DAS3PROMS1SI-CO.

  9. I gave this information to support to see if they can help. You do have the newest model, same model I am using, and should not be having this problem. Since mapping the keys in the system preferences doesn’t seem to be helping, my only other suggestion is to try one of the key mapping utilities out there. We have a few listed on our site:
    Other than that, our support team might have a few suggestions I am not aware of that could help you.

  10. As a user you would probably know: is it possible remap other ‘F’ keys as the brightness keys, volumes keys, play/pause rewind fast-foward, and the expose keys?

    This is really the only thing holding me back atm. I have the ‘F’ keys currently setup on my mac keyboard to work as media keys when I hold function and ‘F’ keys otherwise (necessary for gaming).

    If I did remap these keys would I lose their ‘F’ functionality within games?

  11. In order to do this, you would need a special Mac utility program to configure the keys. We have links to several on this page:

    Usually, once you remap keys they stay that way in all programs, so you would have to change the re-mapped keys before playing a game to get the original functionality back.

  12. The media keys doesn’t work with my Das Keyboard for Mac. I tried to change the Keyboards Shortcuts…etc. But I didn’t find any iTunes Shortcuts there to modify. How can I make it work? Any help?

  13. Hi Yousef. Sorry for the delay, and not sure if you’ve gotten this answered yet. Are you using the Function key when trying to use the media controls? If you are, and they still aren’t working, you can open a support ticket so our team can help you troubleshoot.

  14. That’s so cool. I used to use freeware to do that—I hadn’t seen that Apple had baked it into OS X. Thanks for the video!

  15. This fails for me running 10.9.5 on a MBP with a daskeyboard Model S Ultimate (DASK3ULTIMS1SICO). Ticket 10121624 has been submitted for this issue on this setup.

  16. Hi, I have bought a Daskeyboard 4 for my mac and have been able to remap nearly everything I needed with Karabinier (very powerful). The only thing that does not work so far is the volume wheel; when I turn it it changes my windows (or workspaces?) and I can’t figure out what kind of keys or commands I should remap. Does it ring a bell with anyone here? Any suggestion?

  17. if you use the control key on the right side (to the immediate left of the fn key) it works.

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