1. You should have added a dip switch yourself. Maybe in the next version…

  2. I had ordered the EU-version of this keyboard without realizing this very important difference to the US-versions. While I think that the keyboard is very decent, the mssing second Win-key is completely unacceptable, at least for me, because as I am used to touch-typing I rely heavily on both Win-keys to be present. Equally unacceptable is “patching” a brand new product with such a price-tag. After all, the missing second Win-key is a seriou flaw and so I will hunt for another decent keyboard, if there is one to be found.

  3. @Greenie There is a model with two Windows keys as well. Check if you can exchange it.

  4. @supercobra I don’t know Greenie’s circumstances, but when I ordered mine, the “model with two Windows keys” was the outdated model. I complained about the issue and was told simply that it was impossible to do anything about it.

    What possessed you to put a nonstandard function key on a keyboard with no print on it to let anyone know it’s there?

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