GWT: The end of HTML for web applications

For those who have missed the start of this quiet revolution, Google is changing the way web applications are developed. After rolling out Google maps, Gmail and Google spreadsheet (among many other tools), Google has released its secret sauce: the Google Web Toolkit (GWT). It is a Java development framework that makes writing Rich Internet Applications (understand Ajax applications) a [...]

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Das Keyboard II – 105 keys for accent users

Good news for our non-US users: Das Keyboard II, the ultimate typing machine that sports mechanical key switches is now available with a 105-key layout. So if you are writting in non-US English like Spanish, Danish, Germany or even French, you now can feel right at home. More info: http://www.daskeyboard.com/

BBC on Das Keyboard: fat finegrs

A simple typing error has triggered mayhem on the Tokyo stock exchange and cost one bank £190m. But in a world where almost everyone now is expected to type, how many of us really can? BBC article Das Keyboard – the blank keyboard