Das Keyboard 5Q: Kickstarter November Update

The clock is ticking and we’re focusing on completing some major milestones. We’re still set to launch the 5Q in January, but we are delayed on providing early access for the Q beta. In this update: 5Q hardware production progress Sneak peek inside our production keyboard Q app software progress Sneak peek into our Q app signal center 5Q project [...]

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Das Keyboard 5Q: Kickstarter September Update

Here is our progress report about the making of the Das Keyboard 5Q for the Kickstarter backers. In this update: bring-up (initial power up and debug) of the hardware impressive LED lighting demonstrated with just “Normal USB 2.0 power” mechanical structural design in process first look at hard tooled double shot keycaps Q software progressing towards alpha September has been [...]

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Launch: Das Keyboard Prime 13 Connects Minimalist Users to the Machine

Today we are launching the Das Keyboard Prime 13, a minimalist, white-LED back-lit, Cherry MX, USB pass-through with extra-long braided cable, super-well built mechanical keyboard that sports a slick aluminium top panel. Our goal is to provide a tool that increases productivity while providing an awesome typing experience. How can we improve personal productivity? When designing a new keyboard, this question [...]

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