Price of Model S to stay the same

Hello Das Keyboard fans! As you have no doubt heard or seen, the new Das Keyboard Model S is available now in our US Store and will ship at the end of the month. You can read the official press release here. (It should be available in Europe around the first of November.)

We hear very often how some fans really want a Das Keyboard, but they can’t always afford it. We’ve had many discussions about this; the unfortunate bottom line is the only way to get the cost of Das Keyboard down at this point is to compromise quality, which we won’t do. But since our fans are priority number 1, we’re always thinking of you!

You may have been happy to see that the new, improved Model S is priced at $129, the same cost as its predecessor. Given the added features and functionality, packing more awesome keyboard into the same price is our way of saying “thank you” for being a fan and showing we care and understand.

Also, as another way of showing the love, we’re discounting all the remaining current Professionals to $109. We hope this will allow our fans who couldn’t quite afford a new keyboard the opportunity to get a brand new Das Keyboard Professional. A minor warning though, once the stock runs out on the current model of Professional, that’s it. We’re not making any more!

Remember, every single keyboard sold through the Das Keyboard webstore or by an authorized dealer comes with the full guarantee!

So I’m curious; how many of you have been waiting for the new Model S to come out before getting a Das Keyboard? Any other comments?


  1. so is it osx compatible?

  2. The current “professional” one I’m using works just fine in OS X. If you can live with the “windows” key.

  3. I’ll have to wait for the next model then… My Das Keyboard Ultimate (The one with the glasslike surface) is starting to give up on me (Have to get that fixed btw), but the removal of the left Windows Key is nothing but acceptable. I use the Das Keyboard in order to obtain more speed, and the “goodbye lefty windows key” will slow everything a whole lot down. i doubt i’ve ever touched my keyboard with both my hands if i’ve used the shortcuts the windows key gives us, and now i have to lift my hand away from the mouse… *Dislikes, sorry!*
    and the Media keys… well, i have a 1 mb file running in the background, that allows me to use ALT+ the buttons above my arrows, to control the volume / music.

  4. i wanted to say that it is nothing but UNACCEPTABLE, not the opposite 😛

  5. @Woolly Mittens: I agreed. I got the DK Ultimate, and with the windows key, the OSX play nice with DK. I think that Fn keyboard there is a very bad design.

  6. Hello,

    I am now waiting since mid Aug. Is it possible to switch the behaviour of the Fn-Key to behave like Cmd (Mac) oder Win (Win)?? Its a little disapointing for a programmer to loose this key…

    best regards

  7. Hello everyone! This answer took longer than I would have like, but I checked with everyone I could think of to make sure I got it right; the answer is that unfortunately, the FN key cannot be remapped. This is due to the wiring inside the keyboard that allows it to enable the media functions on the other keys when pressed.

    We apologize if this causes any frustration; we greatly appreciate your feedback and will definitely take it into account moving forward! It may not be the best solution for everyone, but now that the Model S has launched, the last version of Professional that does have a left windows key has been discounted to $109.

  8. “N-Key Rollover enhanced! PS/2 gives you FULL n-key rollover! USB provides 6-key rollover”

    I don’t understand how PS/2 can offer more functionality than USB?

    Das Keyboard: Hi Dan, I had the same question! I did some checking and it turns out that while USB is definitely a newer and better technology than PS/2 (imagine syncing an iPod over a PS/2 line!), the universal standard for how USB works means that when applied to a keyboard, the information sent from the keyboard to the PC is limited. I don’t understand all the technical aspects or details myself, but this is a limitation of USB, not the keyboard. The good news is, unless you type really fast, you probably won’t notice any difference at all. Hope that helps!

  9. To here that the FN-key cannot be mapped is really
    disappointing. Sorry but the placing of the new FN-key really seems blindfold. Because the DasKeyboard is a great concept, I thought you are thinking about what you do.

    It will be hard to change e.g. because of Ctrl-C, -V (Win) Cmd-C, -V (Mac) for copy paste…
    Now the right hand cannot rest on the mouse…

    best reagards

  10. When do you expect the model S keyboards to be available in Australia?

    Das Keyboard: Hi Jonathan! A great question! It’s taking a little longer to work out the ordering with our Australian distributor, but right now it looks like Australia won’t be far behind Europe in availability. We don’t have any definite dates yet, but I’ll be sure to let everyone know when it happens. Thanks for your patience!

  11. I’ve been using a Professional at home for about 6 months now, and it’s now my favorite keyboard (which is saying something, since I also own a CVT Avant Prime and a Unicomp Customizer). I considered pre-ordering one of the new Silent models for the office, but the that FN key has made me change my mind–that layout is an absolute deal-breaker. I may very well pick up another one of the current Professionals since they’re a bit more reasonably priced, though.

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