Race Your Friends with typrX’s New Private Race Feature

As much fun as it is to compete with strangers online, competing with your friends is even better. That’s why we are excited to announce the launch of typrX’s Private Race feature. If you’ve never tried typrX, you should check out our online, real-time typing race app. It’s a great way to practice typing and now it is possible to create a private race and compete with your friends, all around the world.

Private typing races on typrX

Once you have a typrX account, creating a private race is simple. Click the Create Private Race button on the front page and you’ll be taken to the private race page. From there, copy the track code URL and send it to the friends you want to join the race. If the count down clock starts ticking down and someone hasn’t made it to the race, simply click the Delay countdown button to add 10 seconds to the clock. You can add up to 60 seconds to the countdown clock to ensure everyone has a chance to log in before the race begins.

Each time a private race is created a track code is also created. This is another way to invite your friends to join a private race. Just click the Join Private Race button on the front page of typrX and enter the track code to join the race. It’s that simple. Click the My Profile link at the top of the page and you can upload a photo to be displayed each time you race.

Make sure you follow us on Twitter as we’ll be hosting private races randomly throughout the week and announcing them from @daskeyboard. We’d love to see you online and can’t wait to leave you in the dust.

Check out typrX now and compete with friends in a private race.


  1. typrx  is the best I have ever seen ,It is better than Typeracer,more fun than a typing tutor.

  2. Glad you like it! We have weekly private races that we announce on Twitter and typrX’s Facebook page. Come join us some time! All US participants receive Das Keyboard goodies and the winner gets a t-shirt.

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