The Future of Virtual Reality Gaming


Virtual Reality is the hot trend in tech at the moment. Everyone from Sony to Google have jumped into the VR market, and a handful of new products are expected to hit shelves within the year. With all of the hype, it’s undeniable that Virtual Reality is about to have a major impact on the way we game.

So far, it has focused largely on RPGs and Simulation games, but new styles of VR gaming are added every single month. Games like The Climb are introducing a whole new style of gameplay with the help of VR. This crazy new technology isn’t going to limited to specific genres much longer.

Unlike traditional gaming, with VR, you can strap on a headset and enter the game’s universe. It’s awesomely immersive and futuristic, but the systems are still in their infant stage. Gamers have to be hooked into a computer, and companies haven’t quite mastered their integration of virtual controllers into the devices. Though the systems aren’t perfect yet, they’re pretty awesome for a technology that’s so young.vr-911031_960_720

As for the products themselves, Oculus Rift was one of the first and most well known systems, but it’s going to have a ton of upcoming competition. Sony is about to drop their PlayStation VR which will bring VR to console gaming and all of their compatible games. The PlayStation VR headset will connect to your PS4, and you will be able to use it alongside the dual shock controller. It’s combining all the best aspects of console gaming and VR, and it will revolutionize the VR gaming world if it lives up to its hype.

There are cheaper, less impressive headsets available too. Google Cardboard, for example, is literally just a headset made of—you guessed it—cardboard. You can mount your phone to the front and watch video with 360 degrees of range. It’s not totally Virtual Reality gaming, but what do you really expect from a $15 cardboard headset.

There was a lot of hype surrounding Oculus Rift when it first debuted as part of a 2012 Kickstarter campaign, but some of that excitement has admittedly died down over the few years it took to develop the headset. With all the products about to hit the market and a ton of newly compatible games, however, VR is picking up speed once again. The future is looking bright for VR gaming. Since it was finally released in March, Oculus Rift has been getting a ton of positive reviews for the first generation of a system. People have been going crazy over the immersive gameplay, and the only real complaint is the price point.

Right now, the headsets are pretty expensive for the average gamer. Oculus Rift is retailing for $500 and PlayStation VR will be $400 when it hits the market at the end of the year. Those prices will likely go down as the technology and competition grow, but until then, VR is a steep investment for the casual gamer.  

Let us know your thoughts on VR gaming in the comments below! How was your VR gaming experience? Would you be willing to pay the high price for the enhanced gameplay?

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  1. Virtual Reality gaming experience is something very amazing as it gives the immersive feeling and let us feel along with our characters in real time. Virtual Reality gaming has gone really beyond just playing with simple headsets or controllers! The coming of hand trackers, VR suit, etc has actually changed the face of Virtual Reality Gaming.

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