The World’s First Cloud Connected Keyboard: Bring It to Life on Kickstarter


The World’s First Cloud Connected Keyboard

Das Keyboard 5Q is a cloud-enabled, open API RGB mechanical keyboard that allows each key to be color-controlled over the Internet. It’s not just an input device — it’s also an output device. It takes the meaning of a keyboard to a whole new level!



  1. Looking forward to seeing the LEDs and feeling the relative responsiveness of the keys. Omron is a great manufacturer, i’ve dealt with them in the past. Have to assume their QC is as good regarding key switches. Best of luck Daskeyboard!
    – Chuck

  2. Everything about it sounds nice, but the “cloud enabled” part is a COMPLETE turn off. Sounds like a malware keylogger to me. Make everything about this keyboard local to the computer it’s plugged into and you have a sale.

    But a keyboard that communicates with the cloud sounds like a security risk.

    Thumbs down guys.

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