Tips & Tricks: Free Amazon Apps, Color Test, and More…

1. Amazon Underground has apps that are 100% free versions of the apps you would normally have to pay for. You can now get the PhotoSuite Pro 4 app for free when it typically costs $4.99. Always wanted to play DuckTales: Remastered but don’t want to spend $9.99 to get the game? Well, now you can get it for free! Head to Amazon Underground and score some free apps.

Amazon Underground App


2. Ralph Lauren has launched a health-sensing Polo Tech shirt. How does it work exactly? The shirts have embedded fitness tracking sensors to help monitor heart rate, breathing depth, movement intensity, calories burned, and more. Sounds pretty cool,  although the price tag may be a little steep for some, it certainly is something to check out if you are a fitness guru. You can pick one up for $295 on their online store.

Ralph Lauren Tech Polo poster


3. Instantly print ink free photos using the Polaroid Snap camera. It may look old school, but the technology is fairly futuristic. With this contraption, Polaroid is brining something new and old school to the table.

Polaroid Snap Camera


4. Find cheap travel plans with Skiplagged. Skiplagged claims to “expose secrets of the industry by finding airfares not found anywhere else that can easily save you up to 80%.” We put Skiplagged to the test and searched for flights on both Skiplagged and Kayak. Our first search, a round-trip flight from Austin to Los Angeles, did not yield the results we were hoping for. Instead, it gave us the same pricing with less hassle on Kayak compare to Skiplagged. However, when we searched for a one way flight from New York to Paris, Skiplagged was cheaper and offered better flight times. If you’re booking a last minute one way flight or want to explore multiple places in one trip, Skiplagged just may be your ticket.



5. Want to spend some time and learn about how sharp your eyes are? Try this color test and see what animals eyesight you have. Try to get past Hawk and see what happens.

Color Test

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