1. At Das Keyboard, we use skateboards to get from point A to point B. Well, not all of us, only the people who have superior balance skills. When we saw the Walk Car, we quickly added this to our list of must have things in the office one day.

Das Keyboard Skateboard

Not only can you pack it away in a small bag, it also looks super cool. Yes, we had to add the “super” before cool… how else could you describe this thing? If you want one of these awesome contraptions, you are going to have to shell out $800, but I’m sure you can justify it with an overused line such as, “you can’t put a price on happiness.”


2. If you happen to use Google Docs and are a project manager, we have a special treat for you. Check out the 10 Best Project Management Templates from Google Docs.

Google Documents


3. I think the tip here is… beware of insta karma. Here is a video titled Instant Karma – Instant Justice – Compilation #1. All we have to say is, be on the lookout for video compilation #2.


4. Want to listen to yet another awesome band? Give it a try with Skyrocket

Skyrocket The Band


5. Whether or not you live in Austin, this may be of interest to you. Not only does it look like a futuristic film but it is also quite awesome. We would definitely take a spin on the PRT.