Tips & Tricks – Uptown Funk, Privacy Badger, and More..

1. Do you like the song Uptown Funk, well… we are fans as well. We have two awesome must watch videos that will have you dancing by the end. First up is the 100 movie dance scenes mashup, wanna see something even more awesome? The next one is… this little gem. Enjoy!


2. Blue Apron is oh-so delicious and it is delivered right to your door. This is the second week now that I have been able to test the meals and every one of them is, somehow, better than the previous. If you’re not really sure about what to cook, breaking out of your comfort zone, or even cooking without a recipe, then Blue Apron is what you need. You’ll get creative recipes sent to your door with a box full of fresh food packaged nicely in a cooler. If you’re the type of cook that likes doing your own thing, then you may want to explore other options. If you enjoy learning new recipes and want to spice up your plates, then you should check it out. Bon appetite.

Blue Apron Gift


3. Want to check your flacks? Yes, we said flacks. Then we recommend you do a Flack Check. This site provides resources designed for you to recognize flaws in arguments and in political ads. You can also check out the Patterns of Deception section to learn more about the latest “misleading moves”.

Flack Check


4. You’ve most likely heard about the Honey Badger, but have you heard about Privacy Badger? Privacy Badger is a project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation aimed to stop advertisers and other third-party trackers from, well, tracking you.

privacy badger


5. Meet the world’s first $9 open source computer.

Worlds First 9Dollar Computer