5 Funky Hacks for MacBook Junkies

So, you’ve got a MacBook and aren’t quite sure how to make the most out of your machine. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 5 tips and tricks to help you experience your Mac to the fullest.

1. Hot Corners

One of the most underrated yet useful hacks for this Apple enthusiast is Hot Corners. This one is perfect for all you users who thrive on shortcuts. By enabling Hot Corners, you can transform the four corners of your screen into their very own hotkey. Simply go to your System Preferences then select Mission Control. In the bottom left-hand corner, you will see the Hot Corners button. From there, you can customize the feature which will activate anything from the dashboard to the applications window to sleep mode when you place your cursor in a given corner.


2. Signing Documents in Preview

Have you ever had to sign a document, but printing, signing and scanning the form back into a PDF was just too much trouble? Preview comes to the rescue once again, with a feature that allows you to upload a signature and electronically sign it onto all the forms you can imagine. Just go to the Tools bar in Preview, select Annotate and follow the Signature link to add your personal scribble. Then, have fun signing your illegible initials on every document you can.


3. Display iPhone Games on your MacBook Screen

Have you ever wanted to play your favorite iPhone game but enjoy the graphics on a screen five times the size? Fear no more! With this simple hack, you can bring your gaming experience to the big screen. Simply hook up your phone to the computer, fire up the QuickTime player and click on File. Next, select New Movie Recording and switch from the default FaceTime camera to your mobile device. You have now successfully mirrored your phone onto your computer screen and are ready for some epic gameplay.

4. Tweet Any Text

With recent iOS updates, your MacBook is more connected to social media than ever before. For this trick, first make sure you are signed into Twitter on your System Presences. Next, find the perfect text for your tweet. It could tweet a quote you read online, a comment you made on another platform, or even an excerpt from this article! Whatever you choose, just highlight the words and right click. Select the Tweet option, and off your tweet goes. The good news? Now you can tweet anything and everything you see while using your MacBook. The bad news? Your friends may hate you for your new Twitter addiction.


5. Import Contacts from Social Media

If you are anything like us, your contacts on your MacBook don’t even begin to encompass your social media network. To download information on all of your followers and friends, just go to the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars tab in your System Preferences and there will be a plus sign which leads you to selecting your social media contacts. Unfortunately, this feature imports all new contacts which means you may get duplicates for some people, so be sure to clean up your contacts afterward.