Blazing a trail with the “Ultimate” daskeyboard

Well, I Just started with Metadot (daskeyboard) and wanted to share my continuing saga using the Das Keyboard.  To be blunt, my typing skills are dismal – I thought that I could type with a little speed, but in reality the mistakes that I make slow me down considerably. Interestingly, I always thought that I should be a good typist, having played classical piano for many years.

My Quest?

To learn to type the right way and achieve 60 words per minute. Actually, the bigger goal is to beat Daniel in a race – This won’t be easy to achieve before the end of August but it should be fun to try.

The Tools:

To achieve these lofty goals, I will be using the Ultimate daskeyboard (self described as “Bad ass”) and a Mavis Beacon typing DVD.

The Baseline:

Since I never learned to type, I am starting at the bottom – reflected in my first score on the typing race. I completed the race with my fingers in the proper typing position.I also used the daskeyboard (blank keys).

I did score 23 wpm with my laptop banging away without proper finger positions.

My odyssey is just beginning and I look forward to sharing my lows as well as my triumphs for your reading pleasure.

See you soon




  1. Go team Andre!

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  3. Thank you for the tip…it’s a very good site.

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